Blog Hop!!

Blog Hop!!

photo of Tangerine Meg

The lovely Tangerine Meg, who kindly invited me to join in this blog hop. Here is what she says about herself on her blog: I’m a quirky artist, colourful yogini, wild gardener and more. My Bold Art invites your Bold Soul to savour the vibrancy and pure delight of every day moments—and to share the joy with your family and friends

I received an invitation from Margie Goodchild, my great and good friend from the other side of the world, to participate in this Blog Hop. We met through a Goddess Leonie workshop,  and we have stayed in touch through blogs and FaceBook, and even worked together via Skype.  I am absolutely in LOVE with the art she makes, and with her!

Never turn down an excuse to make me show up on my blog, I say, especially these days when it tends to be fewer and farther between posts than in the old days of one every single day.  What can I say:  FaceBook has usurped much of the time of blogging.  And when I start to post, I realize that is such a loss to me because blogging is much like journaling and you never know what will plop itself down on the page and teach you something.

So many thanks on many levels Margie, also known as Tangerine Meg!

This particular blog hop requires that I answer 4 questions.  The questions focus on writing, which is interesting, because I haven’t done as much lately as once, so I am as curious myself as any others might be as to the answer.  Here we go!

1) What am I working on/writing?

Words!  Lovely, single, inspirational words.  Why single words?  Because, after 5 years I finally got a round tuit and now have beautiful new cement front steps, instead of old crumbling pieces of cement surrounded by wood.  What this means is that I can decorate the step risers however my little heart desires.  And my heart desires words, surrounded by mosaic pieces.  So I am working on words.

My new front steps!  the risers (the parts in shadow) are the object of my next big project

My new front steps! the risers (the parts in shadow) are the object of my next big project

As you can see from my Pinterest boards (front steps, and steps),  I have been collecting inspiration for some time.  As you can see from the picture, my steps are curved, so the straight up steps can be inspiration only.  My final piece will be affected by the unique curve I am working with!

I need 19 words.  So far, I have 7:  abandon, playfulness (tho those two might be the same thing, I have to think about that), abundance, joy, serenity, balance, growth, transformation (if it will fit).  You are invited to add ideas in the comments!

2) How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

Well, I’m not sure there is a genre for step riser words.  So it doesn’t differ, instead it is rather unique, and a category by itself.  Mostly step riser decoration is straight up and down which gives a different “canvass” to work on than curved steps.  Which is actually what made me think of words as the focus, because I wanted a way to tie the risers together and couldn’t quite make it to a “picture” visual for planning purposes.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Generally, I write about topics to inspire myself which are also intended to work the same way for others.  I write first for myself – to discover something or figure something out about the way the world and people work.  If I’m writing about something else, it will be art – mine and/or others’.  The steps bring together both the inspirational and my art, which lately has focused much on large mosaic work.  So this whole project fits neatly into where I am personally in the world at the moment.

4) How does my writing process work?

My process depends greatly on my aim.  If I am writing poety, I will fill up by reading the poetry of favorite writers and then letting it spill over with my own energy; if I am writing an inspirational piece, I sit in front of the computer and let whatever wants to come out, come on out – this is a rather intuitive process.  I know I can clean it up afterwards.   Sometimes a whole post that isn’t used needs to happen before I can get to the real heart of what’s trying to come through.  This process is the same as making art:  set off in a direction, open to the energy that is asking to become present, and become a conduit.  Finally, if it’s about art, it’s pretty much just descriptive/how to writing.  That just takes paying attention to setting up the writing so that others can follow it logically.

The final part of the blog hop is to nominate 3 more people to follow this process.  The following bloggers and friends from various parts of cyberspace (and I do mean to tell you we have representative from everywhere here!) have gratiously volunteered to join in:

Jacqueline-Marie Nunes Baxman

headshot Jacqueline-Marie Nunes Baxman

Jacqueline-Marie Nunes Baxman

Mixed media artist/writer, serious walker, foodie, Reiki Master and, as my Twitter bio states, “…good hair days are iffy”. 

I attended Westchester Art Workshop in New York concentrating on Surface Design and am trained and skilled in faux marble and faux bois (wood).  I have worked professionally as a garden mural artist, a residential decorative artist, and have contributed my artistic skills as a volunteer in homeless shelters. 

I am a self-taught jewelry artist – have now been making jewelry for twelve years – and mixed media sculptor who has also had a thirty year career as a legal assistant in the fields of entertainment and general contract law. 

Retired from the legal field, I am committed to being the full time Artist and Journey Woman, a title I fully embrace.  I write about life on my blog and photograph the neighborhood.  Recently returning to California to live, I am setting up a new studio space, establishing a solid relationship with the cows next door – yes, I said cows – and thinking about next steps.  One and one-half years ago I had open heart surgery for a birth defect. It was a gift. My main goal now is to live in gratitude, continue to develop as an artist, and document the Journey.

Beth DeSombre (pronounced:  de-SOM-bree)

headshot Beth DeSombre

Beth DeSombre

Beth sings new songs tht spring from old traditions, telling the stories of people and places along life’s crooked highways.  

Sing Out! magazine describes her songs as “smart and uplifting…focusing on the quiet meaning to be found in ordinary life.”  Christine Lavin calls her songwriting “wonderful,” and the folk-pop duo, The Kennedys, laud her “catchy melodies and insightful lyrics.  

Her songs have been honored in national and international songwriting contests, and she has made special guest appearances at major folk festivals (Boston, New Bedford, Strawberry Park).  Her blog can be found here:

Mo Davies

headshot, Mo Davies

Mo davies

I am Mo Davies, 66, and I live in North Cyprus with my husband and a menagerie of four dogs and three cats who somehow believed we were operating a pet motel and moved in. I am a digital artist, writer, photographer, Tarot reader and Tarot teacher. I operate two blogs, one which is my book as blog about my life, adventures and lessons learned. The second is devoted to my digital art. I take photos of nature – scenery, rocks, flowers, etc., – because I can tune into the energy fields of nature’s gifts and use these as a basis for my digital art.  I am in my crone years and enjoying – finally – being a misfit, a rebel, a revolutionista, a purple-wearing arty-farty drama queen, and a sacred warrior for fearlessness, feistiness and mad, mighty mojo.  

Art Blog  Blog:  Book blog:

RubberMoon: I have loved the stars too fondly…

RubberMoon: I have loved the stars too fondly…

This post was inspired by Chrystel’s post on her blog, Crafting from the Underground, using RubberMoon stamps as starters for Zentangles (a fancy name for the doodles we all did as children – we just didn’t know we were being fancy).  Brilliant!

On those days when I show up to my empty page and it stays empty, there’s nothing like having an idea for a jump start.  :roll:

practice makes perfect! Rubber Moon stamp db 4263, Wishing Tree

practice makes perfect! Rubber Moon stamp db 4263, Wishing Tree

This piece features David Brethauer’s RubberMoon stamp db4263 Wishing Tree not once but twice.  No need to be constrained by size when doodling.  I practiced stamping it first to make sure my ink is still good – I use stamping ink so few and far between that I never know.  It worked fine!

twice stamped RubberMoonstamp db 4263 to get a larger picture

twice stamped RubberMoonstamp db 4263 to get a larger picture

For this piece I just twice stamped the image and joined it together with thicker lines to make it look like one larger tree, over some acrylic paint.  I laid the paint on smoothly this time, as opposed to dashing it on last time, because I wanted the focus to be on the tree and not the background.

finished journal page: stars

Finished journal page: stars

This took about 10 minutes to finish after stamping the images.  It’s a nice piece for a small journal especially when completed with an inspiration quote on stars by Sarah Williams:  ”I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

Here’s a larger tangled tree from several years ago – no matter what size, or how you start, they are fast, easy and very meditative.  You can get some more ideas for “tangles” from my Pinterest Zentangle board.

16 x 20 zentangled journal page from around 2012:  tree

16 x 20 zentangled journal page from around 2012: tree


RubberMoon and Me

RubberMoon and Me

I am the delighted invitee to particpate in several months of blogging, both here and on the blog of RubberMoon, a great place for finding interesting and creative stamps.  They give me stamps and I make things from those stamps and write about it!  I needed a bit of a push to start blogging again, even if sporadically – you never know when the old writing enthusiasm will jump start – so I always say yes to opportunities that may help me along.

I decided to pick 4 stamps from the RubberMoon collection that could be used for collage as well as for jewelry making, some clay work,  and maybe even some copper etching (but all that is yet to come – I’ll be posting on my Facebook page as they are completed).

Rubber Moon stamps

Rubber Moon stamps

I browsed through RubberMoon’s amazing collection of offerings, looking for stamps that would lend themselves to multiple uses, with simple clean lines (required for jewelry and clay work), that could be combined in different ways and also stand alone.

I chose lots of David Brethauer – his designs are perfect for me: strong lines, delightful subjects.  Starting in the upper left, db4263 Wishing Tree, 2354 Monica Holding Heart, 4254 Leaping Girl.  My final choice was Marylinn Kelly’s mk570 Alter Ego – you’ll see that one later.

canvas for Rubber Moon project

8 x 10 canvas with acrylic background

I decided on something really easy for this, my first post – something that I didn’t have to think too hard about.

I chose an 8″ x 10″ canvas to keep the scale friendly with the stamps, randomly picked several complementary colors from my acrylics, squirted them on the canvas and ran a brush erratically through them to create the background.

I have lots of interesting texture makers for background – it seems that oddities that make great texture in clay pieces are also good for spray painting over for background textures for collages.

Rubber Moon stamps and collage

Lace an wood objects placed on the canvas and spray painted make lovely textured background for collage

RM 4 after images of lace and woodHere I used two intricate wood pieces and a small bit of lace – not big enough to be a doily of any kind – perhaps something that was meant to be sewn on a jacket.  At any rate, thrift and antique store are great for discovering these little treasures.

I put the pieces on the canvas, spray painted over them – and wah-la!  instant fancy background!

I made a copy of one of my paintings, and picked out a snippet of  Neil Gaiman writing (I just adore Neil Gaiman’s work!) and was ready to use the stamps.

Apparently if you don’t put something under the open backed canvas, the stamp will not come out clearly.  No problem – when a piece of art reminds me that I am the conduit and that the energy will decide, I never argue.  It usually means that there is something better coming than my own original thought – I just have to be open to it.  And so I found a purple pen and went over the stamp lines, and am pleased with the result.  And nothing like some oil pastels for added color.

art for Rubber Moon:  Surprise Yourself

Final: Surprise Yourself

The concept behind the finished picture is that grace falls down on us all the time (the stars in the tree), that we, like The Fool of the Tarot, do best when we leap into the unknown, and a reminder in the lower right corner to love ourselves as we leap, knowing that wherever it is we are going, it usually takes several leaps and lots of grace to get there.

Gaiman’s words:  ”And don’t forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.  And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”

So there you have it:  the stamps, the finished piece,Surprise Yourself,  and the energy and thoughts behind it.  Enjoy! (If you click on the final picture, it will take you to a single page with the picture on it.  If you click on it again, it will enlarge the picture so you can see it better)

And oh, by the way, this year I have indeed surprised myself by realizing a dream I’ve been cooking up for about 5 years:  creating tiles for and making a mosaic floor in my hall bathroom.

Hall Bath mosaic floor designed and installed by Tammy Vitale

Hall Bath Mosaic 2014 by Tammy Vitale





7 Steps to your Grand Plan

7 Steps to your Grand Plan

Lessons 2013, Dreams 2014:  A vision journal page

Lessons 2013, Dreams 2014: A vision journal page

We are leaving January and moving into Imbolc/the beginning of February.  Spring, believe it or not, is on its way.  Beneath the frozen surface, things are stirring, driven by the demands of life.

It’s a good time to see how all those resolutions/words/phrases for 2014 are going.

How ARE they going?

Yesterday I gave myself space to image the coming year – images speak to the subconscious.  I did find the conscious kept wanting to sit and makes lists, or at least capture a few ideas in writing.  It’s always good to move from the abstract ideas in one’s head to the concrete reality of words on paper, but all in good time.  Today images, tomorrow, words.

In my quest for images rummaging through old “O” magazines (they have the *best* words and phrases!), I came across something of help for the words.  Thought I’d share in case you need a boost.

First off, let me say that a grand plan isn’t necessary.  An intention, a wish, a longing – all of those can lead you in the right direction if you will listen.  But you will only hear in quiet grand plan or no.  Make space for quiet so you can hear!

Steps to your Grand Plan (adopted and enlarged upon from an article in the October 2011 edition of “O”)

1.  Go public.  Tell your grand plan to at least one person you trust.  Not to judge, but to listen.  That person can hear your dream with no questions – they don’t have your blocks.  Let them believe for you until you can.  Saying out loud is like writing it down:  it forces the brain to put order to your thoughts.

2.  Find support.  This isn’t the first time you’ve heard this here.  Having a group of folks to travel toward your dream with is mandatory.  They can share your dream or you can support them as they support you:  regular meetings and progress reports.  Discuss the bumps.  Pick each other up.  Onward.

art journal page:  Be the wave

art journal page: Be the wave

3.  Don’t let anyone tell you no.  One of my lessons from 2013 is “asking one time or one person is not enough.  Keep asking until you get the answer you need to move forward.”

4. Rely on the kindness of strangers:  use Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, RocketHub or any of the on-line ways to crowdfunding sites for your project.  Believe.  Let others believe.  Accept grace when it comes your way (one of my wishes for myself this year:  accept grace).

5.  Spread the word.  Networking works (another 2013 lesson).  Get out and talk to people.  Everywhere.

6. “Your fuel source and your reserve is wonder – curiosity and willingness to be delighted.”  Practice at least ten minutes a day.  And then say thank you, thank you, thank you to yourself, to the Universe, to whomever or whatever aids you along your path (grace, friends, goddess).

7. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.  Naysayers are talking more about themselves than you.  Thank them for their concern and keep moving.  Do not drag them along with you.

Now, go get a fortune cookie, because you just never know where grace will come from.


Imbolc: Gratitude and ritual and dreams

beach photo with statement: people don't need to be saved or rescued. People need knowledge of their own power and how to access it.

Claim your Hell YES!!

This past week I have been having pangs of missing blogging.  I haven’t really taken the time to do anything about it, but note the tug and think something tugging that strongly probably deserves a bit of attention in my life, especially since at this point, with the new part time job, my life is well set up to add blogging back in with no stress.

I have recently subscribed to which daily sends a snippet of a book.  Some I simply delete, some call to me.  Today’s post actually supports my morning ritual of waking, connecting out into the All, and saying thank you.  I was going to post it on Facebook but decided that I wanted something a bit more permanent, something I can find when I need it.

“Here’s a brief exercise that will raise your well-being and lower your depression: The gratitude visit. Close your eyes. Call up the face of someone still alive who years ago did something or said something that changed your life for the better. Someone who you never properly thanked; someone you could meet face-to-face next week. Got a face? Gratitude can make your life happier and more satisfying. When we feel gratitude, we benefit from the pleasant memory of a positive event in our life. Also, when we express our gratitude to others, we strengthen our relationship with them. But sometimes our thank you is said so casually or quickly that it is nearly meaningless. … Your task is to write a letter of gratitude to this individual and deliver it in person. The letter should be concrete and about three hundred words: be specific about what she did for you and how it affected your life. Let her know what you are doing now, and mention how you often remember what she did. Make it sing! Once you have written the testimonial, call the person and tell her you’d like to visit [him or] her, but be vague about the purpose of the meeting; this exercise is much more fun when it is a surprise. When you meet her, take your time reading your letter. ”  from Flourish by Martin Seligman.

It seems that today will be a day of receiving grace – which translates in my world to happy unexpected synchronicity showing up.  There was the above bit in my email inbox, and the following on my Kindle – I just finished the third installment of  I Bring the Fire (warning:  I got the first installment free on Pixel of Ink and immediately purchased II and III – this is unheard of for me and the author, C. Gockel, has me hooked – I will be spending more if she writes more I hope I hope!  But I digress), and pulled up another book in the catalog, Create a Dynamic Year 2014  by Lisa Michaels.  I opened to:

Imbolc traditionally celebrated on February 1 or 2, with exact astrological point February 3.  Imbolc is the cross-quarter Wheel of the Year point following Winter solstice.  Also known as Brighid’s day or Candlemas, it marks the starting point of spring….A great opportunity exists during Imbolc to ceremonially create a ‘treasure map’ or a creation journal, a collage of pictures and ideas that represents what you want to manifest in your life this year, a visual reminder of the creations that are ready to sprout, grow, and bear fruit.”

Today is a non-work day, freezing cold outside (tho I may go an take a few pictures to share), and perfect for that vision journal – right down my alley.  I will put my own face in the middle of the page, add my word and phrase for the year and what I learned from last year, then spend some happy time with magazines and tape and paste and dreams.  My big lesson from last year was that dreams are bigger than I can think, to release and lean into them – that’s what my vision will be.  I will add a page or three or five to my vision sketchbook journals  (vision mask here, starter for visioning here , how-to here) and have a lovely day of it.  Maybe I’ll even forego the fire and let the furnace heat the house so I can focus on this – it feels really important!





Son painting at Daughter's

Son painting at Daughter’s

I was FB chatting with Loran Hills the other day. Loran and I met….hmmmm.  on FB I think.  But we both go back on the internet further than that. We decided that we both miss the “good ole days” of blogging when it wasn’t about business but just for fun.  I have since decided that I am going to return to “just for fun” blogging.

If it doesn’t have to be profound and even make sense, I can post more often, just a picture, or not post and not feel guilty.  That feels good.

I would love to get to the comfort level of  my favorite blogs to read, hecatedemeter, Soul Comfort’s Corner,  and The Indigo Vat, my three favorite places to hang out and relax on a quiet afternoon.  All are liberal with pictures.  I *can* copy that!

the ongong contest between duaghter and father of who makes the best cookie

the ongoing contest between daughter and father of who makes the best cookie

Today is the day after Christmas, which was lovely at, for the first time ever, away from my house.  Daughter and family are in a new home, and the baton is passing (but next year I am remembering to pack goodies for next day snacks, which I didn’t even think of this time since I’m the one that ALWAYS has leftovers!)

Son, who is home for the holidays, stayed at daughter’s to help with some of the painting things they need done since he is a contractor and can paint in his sleep.  In less than 2 hours he completely removed a pesky ceiling border that they had despaired over ever getting off.  His day of work is his gift to them.  Great gift!

I finished a collage portrait for him that I started 2 years ago.  He decided he was taking it home unfinished and my inner artist had a heart attack.  I promised to finish for him today and I did.  Am pleased with it.

Am also greatly enjoying a Kindle book from my longest friend, Linda:  ”The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel”.  Have just started but, in the way of good books, it has already captivated me.  Another book that was wonderful that I just finished is “The Gravity of Birds” – do yourself a favor.  Don’t miss that one.  Or “And the Mountains Echoed” the latest by that master storyteller, Khaled Hosseini.

Meditation, 24x36 collage portrait by Tammy Vitale

Meditation, 24×36 collage portrait by Tammy Vitale

Linda also sent me a lovely little journal and I have determined that I will collect quotes in it, and possibly use them for my postings here – as bits of whimsy or solid foundations for an introspective post.  Today’s collected quote, from “The Thirteenth Tale”:  ”Perhaps emotions have a smell or a taste; perhaps we transmit them unknowingly by vibrations in the air.”  Isn’t that provocative?  I sure think so!

Hubby gave me wonderful goodies to stay with me for a long time:  a very nice gift certificate to the Bead Boutique in Prince Frederick, MD, and an amazing piece by Debra Bernier, whose work I have lusted over for quite some time now.  I probably shouldn’t share her info with you because it will just create more demand for her work, which is hard enough to get now!   ;-) Hawk 12.26.13 2

The final bit of flotsum for the day: pictures of my local red shouldered hawk which has discovered that the frogs, which should be hibernating in my pond, are sitting on the side, and so comes daily for his dinner of frog.  I didn’t mind so much when he got the bullfrog, though the bullfrog was quite beautiful in his own way, but who will sing to me if he eats all my frogs.  And why at the end of December are they not hibernating?!!  Nature must eat.  I cannot fault the hawk, but I do wonder about the disruption of the natural order of the seasons and the odd behavior of its creatures as a result.

Happy Boxing Day to all!

Living with Art – the Vanity is Delivered

Living with Art – the Vanity is Delivered

Many of you followed the making of granddaughter’s vanity throughout Art Every Day Month in November.

I thought perhaps you’d like to see the end of the story.

fambly - the vanity in its new home Fambly - vanity in its new home

Yesterday we drove the vanity up to Daughter’s new house to put it in Granddaughter’s new room.  It was a surprise.  With Grandson’s help, she stayed in his room until we got it in.  Then she had to close and cover her eyes (the picture for that is too blurry  :cry: to share, unfortunately), and of course the whole family helped her close her eyes.

When all was ready – which included my getting into picture taking space – we all said:  Ok!  open your eyes!

Fambly - open your eyes and see the surprise - her family.15

I think she liked it!

fambly - i think she likes the vanity

The stool has been finished and living at our house since the summer.  It was nice to see both pieces in place in their new home.

We had to check out how the tile princesses matched the stool princesses.  You have to love Disney sometimes.  I can buy matching paper and material and use them accordingly.

fambly - matching tile princesses to stool princesses

Then came making it her own by adding things to drawers and to the top.

fambly - seeing the vanity for the first time fambly - making the vanity her own

I also took down the chimes she made on an overnight stay.  She and her Mom painted them last month and I put them together to take up with the vanity.  They will now live in her window until she decides otherwise.

Fambly Joyceton ABs chime in her room window

All in all, I’d say a wonderful ending to a grand story – what do you think?

If you missed any of the story you can start at the beginning and follow through:

A Day of Beginnings

I Know Better


Moving Right Along

A Suitable Eclectic End

It’s done – Take a Peek!

I discovered a draft blog in there that I can’t get to post – possibly why it’s still a draft.  It was about midway through and showed me making a mess – since I do that most of the time anyways, we aren’t really missing a piece of the story.



Take a peek – it’s done!

Take a peek – it’s done!

Vanity for granddaughter - finished.

Vanity for granddaughter – finished.

The vanity for granddaughter is complete.  I put it all together for a photo shoot, but it will have to come apart again to travel to her new home.  I’m happy with it.  I doubt I’ll do this again!  Those barber pole stripes that go all the way around were a trip to paint.  This kind of painting isn’t my favorite but some things you do for love!

You can see a picture of what happened to the matt glaze tiles when I grouted with black here.  And how I solved that to the side here.  I

Princess "tiles" to match the princess material on her stool.

Princess “tiles” to match the princess material on her stool.

used acrylic medium to paste these pictures over the black tiles.  It has worked just fine out in the elements of southern Maryland on a birdhouse that I put a “floor plan” in paper on the roof.  We’ll see if it can manage a little girl.  If not, then back to the drawing board.

I’m also including a photo of my bead studio finished – I brought up my thrift store bin ($5!!! and holding several Bernina sewing machine attachments that it looks like I can sell on EBay for a lot more than that!) and cleared off more of the table.  Now I have tons of room and everything is still at hand that I need when working.  I’m really happy with that.  I might even keep it reasonably straight for more than 5 days (note:  3 of those 5 days I’m busy with work and other things so it isn’t really as long as it sounds).

all ready to go!

all ready to go!

My next free moment I’m letting myself play with fusing, soldering and muddling – and making myself some more new earrings!

AEDM30: A Suitable Eclectic End

AEDM30: A Suitable Eclectic End

vanity top grouted and mirror stand painted and attachedHere we are at the end of Art Every Day Month.  I’ve done all but 2 days (I think) – not bad given I am still getting into the rhythm of my part-time job.

What I’ve learned is that I can work hard at my part-time job and then leave it and have play time to work hard at my art or whatever else it is I’m focusing on (including reading – I’m finally getting through a few books I’ve been wanting to read).

close up of grout, and the formerly pink tile (to the right of the raspberry tile)

pre-grout when the tiles were still pink

vanity grout close up and formerly pink tile

vanity grout close up and also the formerly pink tile

Today I worked on granddaughter’s vanity: grouted in black.  Anyone who has ever grouted in black knows it is messy and labor intensive compared to lighter grout.  But it always looks great and this was no exception.  Of course I forgot to seal the 3 pink matt glaze tiles so they are all now black, but I have a thought in mind to make it look as if that was always my intent (and they won’t be black).  We’ll see how that works out!  I also primed and started to paint the mirror cradle, and got it attached to the back of the vanity.  Moving right along!  I guess I”ll have to post the finished project here when it’s done – I’m hoping to get back to posting at least once a week now that I’ve had my AEDM recharge.  We are closing on daughter’s house Monday, and I want this in there when they move in – sometime prior to Christmas.

My other project today was cleaning my bead studio which was mayhem.

I had an ulterior motive:  I need space to play with fusing silver, soldering silver and playing with muddling metal (all of which I learned earlier this month and reported on here and here and here).

So I started out with mayhem and chaos (note it is well light outside)

desk mess - note even the chair seat has something on it

desk mess – note even the chair seat has something on it


this is left over material and supplies from covering chairs this summer - had to find a place for it.

this is left over material and supplies from covering chairs this summer – had to find a place for it.

bead room bead table mess

a better view of the bead table prior to cleaning


and finished with a really nice space and everything actually put away, not thrown here and there.  I had to bring up yet another little chest but now I have a place for all the pieces of fusing/soldering and muddling which is good because I wandered up to the Bead Boutique and bought myself a round of supplies as needed to play with all that.  An early solstice gift to myself.

bead room floor by bookcase clean bead room bead table clean


In between I kept the fire in the wood stove going because it’s cold out, and cooked myself lunch and dinner from scratch. I also sorted through holiday gifts to get ready to send some out and to track where I am with my Angels – I am still waiting for some of those to come in, but everything else is in good order.  Which wasn’t that hard this year because, as I told son:  big people got new houses this year.  He agreed that wasn’t a bad deal (as he installs his hot tub on his lanai).

A well-rounded day.

Not bad for the last day of AEDM!

AEDM 29:  Moving Right Along

AEDM 29: Moving Right Along

Today was work on granddaughter’s vanity day.  Affixed the top tiles, decided to glue them down close together, which left exactly enough room to add on word tiles, former fridge magnets for sale, not little guiding lights forever on her vanity. I do plan to grout after 24 hours has passed.

I also marked where the mirror holder goes and there was space left, so I mosaiced it with various tiles I have in my mosaic collection.  I am right now thinking I may do some mosaic glass around the mirror just to make it pretty and different.  I decided to redo the left side panel, which started out to have princess paper.  That didn’t work in real life like it did in my head so I painted the panel.  I may collage both end panels yet, but I have to find my acrylic medium first.  GAC doesn’t get it for this kind of work.

Without further ado, for your dreaming enjoyment of upcycling and passing along old furniture (this was my Mom’s vanity for those of you who didn’t read the previous reports AEDM 15 A Day of BEginnings, AEDM 17:  I Know Better and AEDM 24:  Vanity).

except for glard you have a pretty good idea of where this is moving....right along!

except for glard you have a pretty good idea of where this is moving….right along!

front painted

front painted

left side - also showing the msoaics I added

left side – also showing the msoaics I added

This shows the addition of word tiles on the right hand side.

This shows the addition of word tiles on the right hand side.

Here you can see the mosaic tiles filling the space between my handmade tiles and where the mirror holder goes.

Here you can see the mosaic tiles filling the space between my handmade tiles and where the mirror holder goes.

Formerly covered with Disney princess paper, this side is now simply painted.

Formerly covered with Disney princess paper, this side is now simply painted.