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Yes! Permission to do what you really want to do

Yes! Permission to do what you really want to do

Tammy July 30, 2012 2 comments

Permission, by Tammy Vitale

In the end, we are the ones that need to give ourselves the permission to do what we want.

But it never hurts to hear it and get a bit of cheerleading from outside!

So here’s your permission to follow your heart. Starting from right where you are.

There’s just a little bitty catch:  you need to know what you really want to do. (and yes, you should click on over and read those posts because that will bring us to our next step).

Did you click over AND do the exercises?

You need to do the exercises because just reading won’t get you from here to there.  Being able to put something in writing takes you a step further than that excellent plan you think you have in your head.

For whatever reason (and I don’t understand this so you’ll have to check your own experience and see if it resonates), moving from an abstract idea to a concrete plan is never as easy as it seemed when the plan was floating around in your head.  Putting it in writing is as much about making a commitment to what you are writing as to making a plan.  Plus it gives you something to give a friend or two so you have a brainstorm team – one that can help you think things through and hold you accountable when you need a hand up to the next level.

Accountable is not a bad word.  It is not about scolding or being wrong.  It is about having help.  If you ask someone to hold you accountable you can explain your wishes like this:

  • I have a goal.  Here it is in writing.
  • You will note I have jotted dates besides the steps from where I am to where I’m going.  I would like you to check in with me on those dates.
  • If I am on target – tell me I’m doing great.
  • If I’m not on target ask me:  did something change that changed the plan?  where the dates not realistic? Did I miss a step in the plan?  Did I jump ahead and not need that step?

If you don’t have a someone (and I surely hope you do as a team – even of one other person – is really important to encouraging you along you path!), then put those questions on your calendar or computer and check in with yourself.

Go for it!


Wylde Women’s Wisdom

How to recognize Wylde Women:

They listen to their heart.
They take at least one step every day
toward following what they hear.
They are not afraid of the dark.
They recognize fear of the unknown
as the norm for someone creating a new path.
They take their step(s) despite the fear.
They find a person or a group or a community to walk with them.
They are not afraid of their own power, and so
They believe that dreams can come true.
They persist.
They persist.
They persist.


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    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    August 1, 2012

    Fabulous post, and fitting for Lammas :).

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    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    Tammy Vitale
    August 1, 2012

    Thanks Heike!

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