Some days you *know* you can fly safely out over the abyss, and other days you need a good reminder. This piece fills both needs – and sits above your heart as a physical reminder that you are safe. copper focal. sue page beads. crystals.steampunk

For almost all of my 30s, I wore a silver dragon charm holding a garnet on a chain around my neck.  I wore it day and night – never taking it off.  I didn’t even know what it meant when I bought it, just that I loved it’s energy.

Later, as I began to understand symbols, especially the ones we choose to display in our homes or on ourselves, I knew that the dragon was for ferociousness and the garnet was for the balance of compassion.  Then one day I noticed that the garnet had fallen off. As things turn out, I was in the middle of a personal interior fight for being who I really am in this world, unapologetically.  Sometimes you just have to laugh at the way things work!

In my jewelry making I have moved from stringing beads to understanding the energy that goes with certain stones and symbols.  These days I make jewelry, and teach others how to make it, with that first and foremost in my mind.

Jewelry is a great talisman of energy because you don’t need the same energy every day!

Some days you need ferocious, and some days you need serenity.  Some days you need to stand in your fire power,  and other days you want cool water.

Do you pay attention to the energy that you surround yourself with?

The Universe has a funny sense of humor once you start paying attention!

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