Example of Beadworking

Example of Beadworking


 I come to your house with all the materials.  You have at least 5 folks.  We make it a happy jewelry-making party!  All prices per person.

One on One classes available – just ask!

Basic Jewelry Making Workshop $50

Make a bracelet and learn wire wrapping for bead dangles and crimped closures with toggles. Learn the names of basic jewelry tools and how to use them (flat nose and round nose pliers, crimping pliers, and flush cut nippers). Includes a discussion of design theory and buying beads. Info: Info@TammyVitale.com. Minimum age 16. Maximum 8 people.  2.5 hours

Jewelry Making: resin and Wire Focals Workshop $65

Learn to make unique necklace focals using wire, found objects and resin. Create a wire shape, choose findings to put inside it (watch cogs, printed words, beads, etc.) and then fill with resin. Once the resin is set, add your own beads or incorporate it into another necklace design. Info: Info@TammyVitale.com. Minimum age
16. No maximum for students.  3 hours

Jewelry: Beadworking/Bead Embroidery  Necklace Workshop  $125

Learn how to make beautiful and unique necklaces using bead embroidery (also called bead working). No prior experience necessary. . Info: Info@TammyVitale.com. Minimum age 16. No maximum for students.  5 hours

Jewelry: Advanced Bracelet Making Workshop $65

Examples of resin and wire focals

Examples of resin and wire focals

 Learn to break out from a single strand bracelet. This class assumes previous jewelry making experience, specifically with making dangle beads and crimped closures and moves into designing a more complex bracelet with multiple strands in an asymmetrical design.  Info: Info@TammyVitale.com. Minimum age 16. Maximum 8 people.  3 hours