picture of muddy handsDo you remember making mudpies?

Do you miss making dolls and action figures from popsicle sticks and tree branches and yarn and buttons with your kids?

Did you cut out pictures and paste them into scrapbooks before you discovered Pinterest?

Tap into Mindful Evolution with some very productive play!

picture of a totem doll

Totem doll by Susan Helldorfer, made at 2012 Retreat at Westmoreland State Park


Join women just like you for an experience of mindful play and lively discussion.  

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Spirit Doll

Using trinkets and treasures, thrift finds, scavanged wood, materias scraps, lace and limited only by your imagination, create a Spirit Doll to hold your secrets for you and visually remind you of who you are and your current intentions.  $65.00, 2.5 hours. 8 maximum

Vision Board

Mounted poster board like the kind kids use for school projects, this is a visual of your intentions for a set period of time (up to you).  Magazines, materils, found objects, coins, beads, ribbon – anything can be used to make a Vision Board.  Discussion about how to use a Vision Board, and round table presentation of your Vision Board at the end of the session as there is great power in speaking your intentions out loud to a group.  3 hours.  $75.00, 6 maximum


example of a Vision Card

Changing Woman by Tammy Vitale, Vision Card

Vision Card

Smaller version of the Vision Board, mounted on heavy cardboard, approximately 5″ x 7″.   The finished cards can be used like Tarot Cards and they are powerful because not only are you reading them, but also you made them – and there’s extra energy in that.  Demonstration of card reading at end of session.  3 hours.  $75.00, 6 maximum


Vision Journals

A spiral bound sketchbook is great for creating a Vision Journal.  Each page is considered a specific intention.  Gather ideas for work you want to do on your house, in your garden, your business, yourself, etc.  Discussion and examples of ways to make the journal more personal and how to use it to keep your dreams alive.  Examples available for inspiration and a round table discussion of your page at the end of the session as there is great power in speaking your intentions out loud to a group .  3 hours.  $75.00, 6 maximum

Vision Wheel

A Vision Wheel is based on the Mandala, or using the four directions or the four seasons as guidelines.  If you research, you will find that colors are associated with the directions/seasons and you can use that to guide your collage gathering in preparation for the class.  As there are no rules, you can make up your timelines, your color associations and your directions, base it on chakras or the stars.  It doesn’t even have to be a circle!  Round table discussion of your mandala at the end of the session as there is great power in speaking your intentions out loud to a group . 3 hours.  $75.00, 6 maximum  

Vision Mask

I think I invented this idea as I haven’t seen it anywhere else.  A Vision mask differs from our usual concept of a mask in that you don’t just do the outer side that the world sees.  You also finish the inside showing your inner dreams.  This concept is based on the mask as mediator between divine and human – how it protects the viewer and the viewed, and how we often hide (mask) things from ourselves.  Free writing in response to evocative questions gets you started, and you are free to share at the end of the process any “ahas” you had should you so please.  4 hours, $100.00, 6 maximum. 

Vision Goddess

Ever find that your Vision changes faster than your Vision Board, that your journal is out of sight and often out of mind?  No problem.  This little goddess hangs right next to

example of Vision Goddess

Vision Goddess

your computer or by your bed.  She is chalkboard, so you can write power words or phrases or reminders of your Vision – and as you Vision changes, you make a mini-Vision Board (5 minutes!  1 subject!) and clip it in her hanging pins.  Not only do you have regular reminders of your heart’s desire, but you can easily keep up with how your Vision changes as you change.  After all, the person who had the original Vision isn’t the person who is realizing it and growing!  Class for making your own goddess (2 meetings:  1 to make 2 hours, 1 to finish, 2 hours)  $200.00, 8 maximum.  Or you can purchase a completed Vision Goddess from me for $100.00



example photo of a 22" tall goddess torso

Example of a goddess torso – 22″ tall, “Zen” by Tammy Vitale (sold)

Goddess Torsos

Learn to make a wall sculpture using clay that will be fired.  Learn how to prepare clay, how to use an armature, how to create raised, stamped, and decorative embellishments on the sculpture, how to remove a large piece from an armature, and how to finish in either stain or glaze.  Day 1 2 hours, Day 2 (directly after day 1) 15 minutes (removal), Day 3 finish 2 hours.  $300 finished in stain, $350 finished with glaze,  4 maximum  (approximately 22″ tall).
Momma:  a memory Goddess  28" tall (counting dangles, which tell her birth and death dates, the names she had during her lifetime, and symbols pertinent to her life)

Momma: a memory Goddess 28″ tall (counting dangles, which tell her birth and death dates, the names she had during her lifetime, and symbols pertinent to her life)

Portrait Goddess

Create a lovely gift or memorial for a family or friend with a personalized wall sculpture.Session 1 create the sculpture:  2 hours.  Session 2 Finish the sculpture (add pictures and seal, add dangles): 2 Hours.  A complete list of what needs to be brought for each session, along with examples for inspiration, will be supplied prior to the course.  $400.  Clay and firing is included in the cost.  Other materials can be purchased from me or brought to the session. 


picture of mixed media mosaic example

example of mixed media mosaic. Class mosaics are 1′ x 2′



Mixed Media Mosaics:  Learn the basics of mixed media mosaics.  Using broken tile, plates, pottery shards and found objects, complete a 1′ x 2′ mixed media mosaic.  Learn how to mix and use thinset for the uneven pieces used in this type of creation, and get a demonstration of how to grout if

example of table with handmade tiles

table with handmade tiles

you wish to just use homogenous tiles.  $200, 3 hours, all materials included. 6 maximum. 

Creating your own mosaic/wall/decorative table tiles:  Use your own hand-made tiles, including bas relief (raised) sculpture on the tiles.  Learn sculpting techniques and planning for the area you want to finish.  For the class, create a 1′ x 2′ area design.  Discussion and examples of larger work is included in the class. All materials included.  Day 1 design tiles and discussion of larger area pieces, 3 hours; Day 2 glaze tiles, 2 hours.  $400.00  6 maximum  

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