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Word for the Year

Word for the Year

Tammy December 31, 2008 2 comments

Here’s a great blog about choosing a word for the year.   Not make resolutions, just choose a word (the blog includes a list to get you thinking about what your word might be).

Mine, up until I started typing, was “gratitude.”  But I have just decided to change it to “adventure.”  That so much more suits my Aries’ nature and I believe that having adventures always leads to gratitude (eventually, sometimes it takes longer than other times) so I’ll get double energy from my word.

What’s your word for the new year?

thought for the day:  In the excitement of the first ten minutes of opening night at the 2006 Art Basel art fair, a wealthy home improvement retailer from Manchester named Frank cohen got into a bidding war with Charles Saatchi and Bernard Arnault for a sculpture by Terence Koh.  Koh’s work had attracted attention when Saatchi promied to feature it in USA Today. The Koh installation consisted of glass boxes containing bronze casts of human excrement, covered in 24-carat-gold.  Arnault said he wanted it, Saatchi raised his bid, then Cohen upped his bid to pounds68,000 and won.  Javier Peres, the American dealer who sold it, said the sculpture represented an anti-consumerist statement.  Don Thompson, The $12 Million Stuffed Shark

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