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What We Love Saves Us

What We Love Saves Us

Tammy October 30, 2012 2 comments

What do you love passionately?

What would you die for?

What takes your breath away?

When was the last time you made a space to discover these answers?

You are invited to join me to Retreat, Review, Recharge and Return Nov. 16 – 18.  3 shared room spaces left.

Take a break.  Stir up some answers (they always change, but let’s find the ones for now).  Pay “scrupulous attention.”  Return better able to handle the “things it won’t be easy to love.”



Heaven for Helen

-Mark Doty

Helen says heaven, for her,
would be complete immersion
in physical process,
without self-consciousness—

to be the respiration of the grass,
or ionized agitation
just above the break of a wave,
traffic in a sunflower’s thousand golden rooms.

Images of exchange,
and of untrammeled nature.
But if we’re to become part of it all,
won’t our paradise also involve

participation in being, say,
diesel fuel, the impatience of trucks
on August pavement,
weird glow of service areas

along the interstate at night?
We’ll be shiny pink egg cartons,
and the thick treads of burst tires
along the highways in Pennsylvania:

a hell we’ve made to accompany
the given: we will join
our tiresome productions,
things that want to be useless forever.

But that’s me talking. Helen
would take the greatest pleasure
in being a scrap of paper,
if that’s what there were to experience.

Perhaps that’s why she’s a painter,
finally: to practice disappearing
into her  scrupulous attention,
an exacting rehearsal for the larger

world of things it won’t be easy to love.
Helen I think will master it, though I may not.
She has practiced a long time learning to see
I have devoted myself to affirmation,

when I should have kept my eyes on the ground.


  • Joined:
    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    November 1, 2012

    What good questions!
    I’ll have to think about them.
    Good luck with the retreat. It sounds amazing! 🙂

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