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Top Ten from Pinterest

Top Ten from Pinterest

Tammy August 7, 2012 1 comment

Ear surround by Tammy Vitale $45, inspired by Pinterest

Ok – this is MY top ten .  And if you think 10 is actually enough, then you’ve never been on Pinterest and you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

Pinterest is safe hoarding for artists -as if we don’t hoard in our creative spaces to start with – but that’s another story.  At least I manage to find the floor and other flat surfaces about twice a year.  More because I can no longer find anything than because I am seeking serenity and clean open spaces.  I am so NOT a clean open space person.  Chaos becomes me!

Here you go – in no particular order:


1.  Jewelry.  There is no rhyme or reason to this collection – as with all of the collections it’s more about the mood I’m in or what I’m creating or thinking about creating.  But there’s a definite connection between the jewelry and assemblage pictures if I look closely!

2.  Assemblages.  I love stuff.  I especially love stuff that has been made into new stuff that doesn’t necessarily look new but does look awesome.  I could live with any one of these every day because they have deep deep stories to share.  I love stories.  Especially ones that keep changing as I change.  And all of this has led to my newest obsession (#3 below).

3.  Remade/upscaled clothing. Mixed in with other styles but my favorite of all is Boho – to the point that I am seriously

upscaled sweaters coat by Katwise on Etsy. Is this not to DIE for? I have bought her tutorial since she can't seem to keep up with demand for the coats (and is busy buying a farm in NY as a result of her success)

contemplating beginning to sew again just so I can make some of these for myself!  Because many of these pins have “how-tos” attached.  And I have a beautiful hand-crocheted double-bed becover made by my aunt before I was born when she stopped smoking to use (vintage!) to start down this path!  See also one of my newest board collections:  kids clothes.  Because it’s easier to start small and I have the perfect model just waiting to pose in my creations!

4.  Art Dolls.  An extension of remade/recycle/upscale/assemblage that makes my heart go pitty-pat.  Perhaps my inner child is the one who is so enchanted.  Whatever.  I love them all!

5.  Art Journal Pages. It is not lost on me that I have spent as much time collecting these awesome pages for inspiration this year as I spent actually making my own journals last year.  Regardless – there is something about filling up on all this wonderfulness that feeds every part of my being – and now I have a great place to keep it all where I can scroll right through it instead of paging through all the disorganized collectionS of pictures I have pulled out over my many years on earth to inspire me when I am stuck.  It is

Artjournal page by Tammy Vitale in round robin book of pages created by 6 artgalpals playing together

a much more efficient system.  And thus Pinterest is not a time waster but an ongoing source of inspiration.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

6.  Dance.  I can’t do it but I wish I could!  The human body as grace incarnate!

7.  Rocks.  I love rocks.  They ground me much as trees do.  I have to import all my rocks as I live on clay and sand.  Lately I am big into rocks that have been mosaiced with found objects and broken pottery.  Thus I collect pictures to inspire me and show me what has gone before.  Artists all build on what has gone before.  We stand on the shoulders of our inspirational ancestors and there is no better place to be inspired than the lovely photos of rocks that can be found scattered around Pinterest (now collected for easy viewing).

8.  Paper Mache.  I’ve just started playing with Paper Mache and have no idea what it’s possibilities are.  So I have started a collection of work by people who understand its multitude of possibilities.  And believe me when I say the possibilities are endless!

9.  Felting.  Same as Paper Mache.  Felted clothing is gorgeous.  Stunning.  I will make one exceptional piece before I die!  (or maybe just finish my purse so it holds together because I am very happy with that too.)

10.  This isn’t my board but it’s an awesome collection of abandoned houses.  There is beauty in decay or maybe it’s only the beckoning of what once was – memories – and what could be again.  The imagination is enthralled.  I have these all mixed in with other wonderful houses and need to get my abadoned separated out – so I’ll let this board do it for you while I think about getting my own collection better situated.   Also, putting this board on my list assures me of never losing it.

So there you go.  I hope you allow yourself some time to wander – getting lost isn’t always a bad thing.  You never know what will turn up that wouldn’t have in your normal, ordered life!

And I’d love for you to share you top however many boards with me in the comments below!


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    August 10, 2012

    I have never gotten into pinterest, but I can see why people say it is so addictive from the pictures I see in your collection! 🙂

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