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There’s a Pixie in the Mix

There’s a Pixie in the Mix

Tammy October 20, 2006 1 comment

Shop_island_artworks_1 I have lost 3 blogs this a.m.  Two at myspace an one very long one here.  For no reason that I can decipher, first I couldn’t get caps on my keyboard for some letter (AAAA for instance, which is now working) and then the computer blinked out twice but came back to this blog and I hoped against hope I had it.  But alas, no.  A long and rambling post with pictures was lost (about 45 minutes). 

Off to the studio to mourn and for some accomplishment.  Alas, a shoulder broke off a new torso, and for some reason the torsos dried tight to their armatures (not one of them but 2) and had to be coaxed off while parts of them were still wanky.  All points to a potentially very interesting day.

I’m going to try again.  Shorter.  More photos.  This is what you’re going to see here.  Photos of the work I left in North Carolina at Island Artworks in Ocracoke (Lilith, Fern (originally Mossy Agate for want of something better to call her), Turtle Moon, Our Lady Peace and the mask, Bronze Age II) and in Hatteras (Mother, Mother Ocean, Sister of the Sea and the mask Lady of the Night).  A picture of Island Artworks, but none of Sandy Bay in Hatteras because I forgot.  In addition I will tell you that the women who own these galleries seem as delighted as I am (and boy am I ever!) to have joined together in art.  Then some pictures from staying on Ocracoke – on the cove.  Peaceful and I can’t wait to get back.  So let’s try this and maybe if I am encouraged I will write more later.

Torso_lilith_3 Torso_raku_mossy_agate2 Torso_our_lady_peace_finished_1 Mask_artifact_bronze_age_ii

Torso_mother_mother_ocean_pre_bellybutto_4 Torso_sister_of_the_sea_finished_2 Mask_lady_of_the_night_final_with_beads_2

and here are some pictures on Ocracoke from our balcony.  Our stay on the Island was lovely as was our stay in Manteo where we had a whole Inn to ourselves complete with stocked munchies and drinks in the kitchen and porch kitty for good lovings.

Artsy_ocracoke_fisherman_and_birds_1 Artsy_ocracoke_pelican_close_up_1 Ocracoke_view_to_the_right_at_twilight_o_1 Artsy_ocracoke_pink_kayak_and_pink_flowe Artsy_ocracoke_sailboat

thought for the day:  Most of us would like to get DIRECT guidance from Spirit, but how do we think spirit delivers the goods?  by U.S. Mail?  what if Spirit lives WITHIN us and sends us guidance in many wonderful says?  Daydreaming, meditation, and doodling are all helpful spiritual tools because they allow us to become more availalbe, more present to receive clarity, wisdom and guidance from the Spirit within.  Katherine Q. Revois, Spiritual Doodles and Mental Leapfrogs:  A Playbook for Unleashing Spiritual Self-Expression


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    Your work is just amazing.

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