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The Business of Art

The Business of Art

Tammy August 30, 2006 1 comment

Obx_artsy1_silhouette_at_sunset Are you tired of my vacation pictures yet?  Sunset over Avon, NC

I have loaded in my September show as featured artist at Heron’s Way Gallery in St. Mary’s (MD), so perhaps I’ll take some time and take pictures of the scads of new fish I have made.  Most would have been hanging at the show; however, I forgot to wire them.  So they’re home again.  I should photograph before I disperse them.  I think I’m supposed to be dropping some off at Sea Scapes, my new shop in North Beach, now that I’m no longer with ArtWorks at 7th.  And someone noted that it looked like there were empty spaces in my spot at Common Grounds Coffee House (in Owings).  And I need to box a few up and send them down to Sandy Bay Gallery in Hatteras, NC, to see if we can work something out for the 2007 season.  I should note that the original impetus for making all these fish was to start stocking up for Unique Boutique in October.  Apparently I need to get on down in the studio and make many more.

I am pleased with the Heron’s Way Gallery Show as I had enough work from my Hoopla Trader’s Show to mix in with new work at home to hang all new work there.  I have a full wall and for the first time in a long time, I interspersed some of my paintings – It looks great and I’ll take pictures Saturday and post some of them here too. 

I got a nice note from Kathleen O’Neal at Island Artworks in Ocracoke.  I posted here previously that she is interested in consigning a few torsos and I had emailed to ask which ones she likes the best.  Well, she is love with Lilith (below middle) Torso_turtle_mermaid and also likes some of the other water oriented ones, like the turtle mermaid (on the left here).  I noted I had another mermaid, too (below right).  Torso_lilith_2 Torso_mermaid

The president of the Calvert Artists’ Guild bumped into me at Heron’s Way today and noted that she is getting a good response for my September 9 class on making clay tiles and clay fish.  I am looking forward to that as I haven’t taught for a while, and doing it every once in a while is fun.

So, like everyone else, I am leaving behind the vacation and getting back into the rhythm of every day life.  But I haven’t left behind the renewal it brought at just the right time.  It was the best vacation I’ve ever had! 

Thought for the Day;  "You’ll notice that the people who say, ‘I can handle lots of stress’ will always be under a great deal of it!…..What you want to start doing is noticing your stress early, before it gets out of hand.  When you feel your mind moving too quickly, it’s time to back off and regain your bearings.  When your schedule is getting out of hand, it’s a signal that it’s time to slow down and reevaluate what’s important…" [and, oh, by the way, go on and take that vacation…might I recommend the Outer Banks of North Carolina?]  Richard Carolson, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff


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    September 1, 2006

    I want one of those vacation things! I haven't had one this year, but I have incredible memories of last year's trip to Fort Davis and Marfa, TX. I just drove out there on my own (solo vacations are the best, in my opinion) and spent three days wandering, hiking, sketching, writing. Fantastic…I'm ready again. Thanks for sharing yours with those of us who can't go right now!

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