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The Wylde Way – notes from the road

The Wylde Way – notes from the road

Tammy June 3, 2010 4 comments

I have no idea if the posts I preposted are going to show up.  They are not here on my screen so perhaps the imps got them, or perhaps – well, who knows about these things.

As you know from my previous post, I am off trekking.  It seems it has happened (of course!) at just the right time.  I drove from 9.5 hours yesterday and even though I had my IPod, I never turned it on. 

I spent some time with Jackie G of FaceBook friendship – it’s always good to have a local guide – I am so excited about all the art in store for me today!  And this – I find that quiet and aloneness heightens sense. 

The light out here is somehow different – the glare in the afternoon so intense that seeing what you have on a digital camera screen (or on the gas pump you’re pumping) is next to impossible.  I didn’t notice that when I was last here with my husband.  Perhaps it’s my own intensity coming into its own.  Knowing that my own intensity and way of working in the world is OK – multiple strands…more than one set of reins to harness all the myriad energy that is mine. 

Who am I to say “this strand” or “that strand” is the better?  All have come to me – it is up to me to weave all of them together in some coherent form.

I think of the voices that would tell me one way is correct (my 2nd semester at Goddard comes to mind along with other experiences – some much more recent).

I recognize not everyone works this way: heart first and hopefully some means of self support follows (and that surely isn’t guaranteed)(choices).  Not dollars first and bring in the heart to make it sound good later.  There are already enough models for that.

The Wylde Way is not that.  The Wylde Way honors all the strands – the artist, the business person, the heart’s emotions, the soul’s longings.  All just feel like multiple strands on the surface because our culture is so stratified into “this” and “that” – our culture labels things.  For instance:  people are white, black, yellow, legal, illegal.  Labels which forget the reality of the one true label:  human.  Labels which forget we all have souls whispering to us and longings that show us what we are here for. 

We have in this culture only just recently (in the scheme of things) remembered what  we once knew:  what we lose by eating white bread, what we gain by turning back to multigrain where variety is the stuff of a healthy life.

The Wylde Way is for those willing to respond to the restless stirrings of not knowing and who would rather explore what that means and what it takes to follow those feelings rather than rest in “knowing” the one “right” way.  The Tao says that the way that can be named is not the true Way.

It is hard for those of us who travel this Wylde Way and wish to share what we have learned with others just now awakening.  The path itself cannot be shared, but markers can.  Knowledge can be shared if we can find the right words:  this is a signpost!  Good for you.  Persist!  Here there are dragons:  do not fear, they are your friends!  That was your first response?  The one that came with little thought?  Stay with it – it has information for you.

The Wylde Way does not promise instant profit, or even profit ever.  What it does promise is knowing, in the end, that to yourself you have been true and that in the work you have done to honor and maintaint that truth, you automatically create a space for others to do their own work. 

And they may, indeed, never forgive you for waking them up to their own potential.

Who knows this better than the artist (and aren’t we all artists of our own life – our one true masterpiece?).  The artist – an entrepreneur if ever there was one – told directly or indirectly that art is nice and all but we have to eat.  Told creating your life is nice and all – but we have to eat.

Yes.  And that’s where, instead of giving up, we should instead begin to use that vaste conduit that is our creative energy to weave together the strands on the surface reality to reflect the actual integral whole which we came to embody this lifetime.

The Wylde Way acknowledges, allows and accepts all this.  Some call it stepping off the edge of the known.  But for a long time – until others proved by their own (reckless?) exploration that unequivocally there is no edge  – *everyone* considered the world flat – with an edge to fall off.

Is your heart yearning?  Is your soul whispering?  Are you afraid but know you must go anyways – whatever it takes?  Good for you!  Persist.  I’ll see you along the Wylde path!

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    June 7, 2010

    The Wylde Way is the ONLY way for me too. Some people might think this is the way of risk, but I disagree. It feels MUCH riskier to NOT trust my instincts, to trust someone else’s thoughts about what I should do. It’s good to know you’re on this trek with me. Aloha and Mahalo for sharing your thoughts! Patrice

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