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The How

The How

Tammy January 23, 2013 0 comments

If you read many internet gurus on business, you will read again and again:  take care of the what and the why and the how will take care of itself.

and Now is the time!

and Now is the time!

I’m coming to believe that they don’t address the how because it is unique and individual and they are after “seven figure income”s (you see that a lot too).  When you are chasing a seven figure income you are chasing something that can be scaled:  either you reach huge numbers of people at the same time with a generic program where everyone gets a little (emphasis on “little”) something or you train people to (supposedly) do what you do.  I won’t name names.  I’m sure you’ve run across at least one and I’m not going to bash anyone for going after seven figures if that is their heart’s desire.  And the fact is, like going to college 101 courses, you do get a sturdy foundation.

Note:  This works for personal goals too (I want to lose weight, I want to find the perfect partner, etc).

I am going to address the how specifically because my strength is working one-on-one so that your unique desires take their own unique form.    And that’s the way I work with my clients.  We start with how you want to feel and work from there.

And that’s you’re how:  how do you want to feel when your business is up and running?  Does that feeling have anything to do with the business or is it about safety (do NOT go into business for yourself!), acknowledgement (take my word for it – acknowledgement is an inside job.  If you can’t acknowledge yourself now, you won’t be able to when you are running a successful business), seven figure income (what are you willing to give up to get there?  What are you willing to commit to in order to get there? What are your beliefs about the process?  If your mailing list is sitting at 4,000, you will not get there overnight.), or some other intangible that your believe your goal will bring you.

When you think of your goal, how does it make you feel:  like you’re shining?  Like it’s a fairytale?  Like something you can believe in with your whole heart?

There’s another piece of your how.  You can chant affirmations all day.  If you don’t believe them they are worthless.

So here’s my take on the how (free! – because knowing the how doesn’t equal practicing it and that’s where I come in):

  • Clarify what you want (there are a lot of pieces to that, but that is the action part)
  • make sure that the process of getting to the goal matches how you want to feel (all the way through).  If it doesn’t feel good, eventually you’ll quit doing it.  And don’t forget to include laughter!
  • Act:  take the next step
  • Adjust:  you will learn something new with each step.
  • Repeat from “Clarify” above – you are continually learning.  You will have more information than you started with.  You need to re-clarify.

Prosperity’s Kitchen guest mentor January 21, Mike Michaelowicz, says:  When consulting all of those business and personal growth books, use your gut to identify the actions, ideas and solutions to build on what you intuitively know is true.”  That’s another how.

Need help with moving your feelings from one story to another?  I highly recommend Brooke Castillo’s Self Coaching 101:  use your mind – don’t let it use you.  A full book of how with forms and examples.  *Everyone* should have this book in their collection.






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