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Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story

Tammy August 10, 2010 1 comment

What I learned in School, Stand alone sculpture 12" high, by Tammy Vitale $297

Tell me about yourself.

Do you feel alive?

Can you name your passion?

Do you take at least one step every day toward living a “Hell, Yes!”  life?

Do you have a process for getting unstuck?  Do you look at obstacles and realize:  there is no door, there is no key.

Do you know how to find your elephants?  and love your dragons?

Do you have community that supports your passion?

Do you know where to begin if you’re not where you want to be?

Will you take a moment to click through and read the suggested writings?

Will you take another moment to the answer the questions? Because the answers make up the story that you tell.  And the story that you tell creates the life that you live.  The life that you live is made up of bits and pieces of all that comes at you after your subconscious filters it based on your beliefs.  Your beliefs are reflected in the story that you tell.  When you answer the questions your understand the storyline.

It’s how you can change your life anytime you want.  Find the story.  Decide to tell it differently.

Life hands us what we need all the time.  But we have to hold out our hands and take it.  Because we can choose to drop it by the wayside, or ignore that it was even offered.  It’s your move!

Wylde Women’s Wisdom

There is no more meandering.  There is no more escape – not one more errand to run, not one more load of laundry to wash and fold, not one more phone call to answer, not one more word I can write until I take the next step.  Until I am willing to fall.  I am staring into the bright eyes of an angel.  “You cannot know if you are ready until after you fall, ” she says.  I do not jump.  It is more subtle than that.  I simply let go.  Christina Baldwin

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