Rehabbed kitchen in one of my Florida rentals.

Rehabbed kitchen in one of my Florida rentals.

Looking for me in my other professional hat, Tammy Vitale, RE/MAX One, Realtor, GRI? You are in the right place!


“If you are ready to upsize, downsize or just-right size your personal residence or real estate portfolio, you can count on me to partner with you to make sure that *all* of your real estate transactions go as smoothly, timely and stress free as possible!”


Tammy Vitale, RE/MAX One:  expertise and enthusiasm
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And here is Viki Volk-Russel’s interview with me.  (The following video is from the interview):

for the “Lexington Leader”.  Note: I now work for RE/MAX One In Prince Frederick, MD, but have left this video here because my philosophy remains the same.


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Tammy Vitale, Realtor/GRI, RE/MAX One

Tammy Vitale, Realtor/GRI, RE/MAX One

Contact Information:

Tammy Vitale, Realtor/GRI,  is affiliated with

RE/MAX One in Prince Frederick and California, MD  

Office #:  443-771-8009  Cell:  410-474-9818
We do business in accordance with the Fair Housing Law.


Testamonials about Tammy taken from Trulia

Tammy Vitale is an incredible real estate investor.  She started with an idea but no cash.  By creatively thinking about her objectives, she was able to leverage her assets and buy multiple properties – all of which are producing excess income and the means to buy additional properties.  Tammy has found a way to create wealth that she controls without gambling her future on Wall Street.  I followed her advice and now own rental property too!  Thanks Tammy!  Mary Ida Rolape

I love the home I rent through Tammy Vitale. She takes all of the appropriate measures to make sure the property is well maintained and safe. If I ever have a problem or concern she is very prompt in responding and finding a solution. She is easy to talk to and definitely takes my best interest to heart. It is the most comfortable house I have ever rented. Tammy is a pleasure to work with.  Lauren B., Ocala, Fl.

I have worked with Tammy on housing issues, water issues and in art. Tammy listens attentively and works cooperatively to ensure that needs are met. She is tireless in what she does and has impeccable attention to detail. Tammy asks questions to make sure she understands what is needed and puts forth her best effort in all that she does. I would work with Tammy on any project at any time. You can’t do better.  Anne R. Mechanicsville, Md.

I became connected with Tammy Vitale on Facebook through her art on a friend’s page. I started renting from her in September of 2012, when I noticed she had a cottage for rent in Southern Maryland. I couldn’t be more pleased and couldn’t feel more at home. Not only is this place a perfect fit for me at the perfect time, Tammy is very reliable as a landlord. She responds very quickly to any inquiry via text, phone call or email. She gives plenty of notice before coming over, and maintains the property on a timely and efficient basis. I would highly recommend Tammy Vitale for any of your real estate needs, without reservation.  Katie M., Lusby, Md.

I have known and worked with Tammy Vitale for over ten years. She is an excellent facilitator and I have seen her negotiate what I was afraid was an impasse to a productive close. She’s very good at what she does, and you couldn’t find a better person to be on your side!  Clare Whitbeck, Voices for Quality Care, St. Mary’s, Md

Tammy is a great connector and collaborator. We met thru my women’s networking group and she is one of the most passionate, creative, think outside of the box people I know. That is also what makes her a fabulous real estate agent. Her genuine desire to help people shines through in everything she does. She also walks her talk on the property investment front owning multiple rental income properties. She will undoubtedly guide you down the right path! Erin Lewis, Principle, State Farm Insurance Agency

Tammy is dedicated to succeeding at any task she undertakes. She was very helpful with both decorating and landscaping advice when we were selling our house in Calvert County, and her suggestions made the difference. She is knowledgeable about economic development, environmental issues, and intimately knows most of the neighborhoods in the area. If I were buying or selling today, I wouldn’t do so without Tammy as my agent.  Sue Page

Tammy Vitale is the person to use if you are buying or selling a house. She is ethical, hard-working, creative, committed, reliable, and her love-of-life means that every interaction will include laughter. When life serves lemons, she makes lemonade and plants new trees.  Yvonne Michelli