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Saturday: One + One

Saturday: One + One

Tammy December 18, 2010 2 comments

All Things Are Connected, ceramic wall sculpture by Tammy Vitale $297


 Reverb10 sent me into screaming writing hiatus.  Perhaps it was a bit much after coming off of Art Every Day2010.  Or perhaps having someone else feed me things to write about (Reverb10) instead of my figuring it out on my own (Art Every Day2010) was the culprit.  I found myself totally avoiding the computer and writing.  And it’s the season to be a bit on overload.  So to ease the overload I took a break.  Getting back into the swing with poetry is the easiest way to ease back in.  So here I am!

The Third True Story
          by Tammy Vitale (Stones series, 7)

Throughtout the years an orgy
          of words parades, sends
small snippets of sound rolling
          in my head worrisome
as a stone in my sneaker
          when I’m trying to concentrate.  Dis-
chordance dances in the air to minuets
          unheard anywhere in the actual world.
Grab them if you can
          else their cacophony chase into night’s dark
space for dreaming.  In the end
          it’s always about Eve and her snake –
the one from which she refused to refrain;
          some twisted tale about the taste
of apples and how their juice runs
          slowly down her chin glistening.

          Here is where redemption begins:
white teeth on red, wetness dripping,
          the quiet click of a turned lock
in a once closed gate opening outward.

Connecting the Dots
     by Sera Beak (prose as poetry)

It can get convoluted.  Sometimes we want or pray for what we genuinely are ready for, but it comes in a package we were not expecting, so we disregard it and miss the prince hiding in the frog.  or more often, we pray for what we are actually not ready for, so we miss what we actually need, the necessary steps or lessons that will lead us to what we want.  We want G right now, when in fact the divine is offering us A through F first, so that we can really appreciate G…

And then there are those all-too-frequent times when we fully see the answer to our prayers right in front of us, but we want to hide from it.  Why?  Because most of the time, the answer requires us to change, to become more responsible in our life, to get off our butt and start creating a more authentic life.  And this can scare the crap out of us.

Wylde Women’s Wisdom

Sometimes we just need to transgress.  To break the rules, cross boundaries, step over restrictive lines..The Hindu Tantric concept of transgression is the notion of intentionally and mindfully cutting through social and personal norms – the cultural status quo, rules, personal patterns, behaviors – to get closer to divinity and, hence, to oneself…Transgression is not always easy but it is a powerful method for jolting yourself out of an old perspective and into a new consciousness, giving you the change to free up your own internal authority.  You are learning how to tune into something profound – your divine self and its innocent desire to creatively express its all.  Sera Beak

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  • Joined:
    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    December 19, 2010

    I can relate to all three. Reverb10 did not reverb or resonate with where I am now. Pulled me off center rather than drawing me in.
    Your poem: Stone, apple, snake, Yes.
    and Miz Sera, tells it like I lived it this year.
    A-F can be a bitch if you are throwing a tantrum about G.
    Don’t do that! LOL

  • Joined:
    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    Tammy Vitale
    December 19, 2010


    I am always surprised at how much I have in common with my on-line friends – how we find each other! I’ve most definitely had an A-F year! Hopefully G is close.

    And I love your condensed version of my poem. It works!

    hugs – and have a merry solstice

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