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Retreat! Renew! Return!

Retreat! Renew! Return!

Tammy November 15, 2012 0 comments

The dogwood outside my office window

Well, you missed it.  If you’re reading this then you aren’t joining the women who are gathering at Westmoreland State Park to retreat, renew and return.

Since all day today was taken with preparations for the retreat, my offering for Art Every Day Month is the art of planning and hosting a retreat.

We are having yummy food like Lime Shrimp and Spaghetti medley.  Continental breakfasts include fresh pastry, bagels with cream cheese or almond butter, hard-boiled eggs, cereal and coffee and tea.  Snacks include mixed nuts and fruit, popcorn, deviled eggs (which I had to beat husband away from) and S’mores in front of an open wood hearth fire.

We will make Forever Flowers on Friday.  Saturday brings Vision journals/cards and making Taliswomen.  And just in case the women get so involved in the be-ing they can’t remember exactly what they’re doing, they will take home how-tos  for everything they do.

Don’t you know we are having great weather?  Cool and crisp like Autumn should be!  We will have colorful leaves on the forest floor to traipse through and sand along the Potomac River to traverse when gathering our Taliswoman materials.  Can’t you just smell the fresh air?!  Maybe we’ll see the eagles that nest in the park, a blue bird or two, blue herons and geese.  Most definitely we will see deer which seem to be everywhere.

Can there be anything better than no tv, no phone, no computer alongside the great outdoors, with a toasty cabin to return to with great company and fun projects?

I’m sorry you missed this one – Mark your calendar.  I’ll be offering another retreat in the Spring (late March or early April) and I’d love to have you join us!

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