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Tammy June 6, 2006 0 comments

Furniture_table_celdivinie_top_detail Hand-made tiles on recycled furniture, Celebrating the Divine Feminine, by Tammy Vitale of Tam’s Originals

Furniture_table_24_celdivine The head hamster is running on overtime.  Last night I woke at 2am for no reason that I can think of and didn’t get back to sleep until 5 am.  Retail therapy, in the form of:  gee, I need some more flowers for my yard, is beckoning.

I suppose I could come up with several reasons, including a few that have to do with art.  (1) We are looking at houses and thinking about moving closer (by at least 1/3 distance wise, or 30 minutes time wise) to Husband’s job.  Twelve years of 3 hours round-trip gets old especially as you get older (and when you work 12 hour days to boot).  I understand that.  (2)  Linda always on my mind.  Update:  She is home and almost entirely off pain pills except for over-the counter.  I am going to Calfornia for a week.  This morning she told me that she is trying to set her follow-up visit to coincide while I am there so I can join her, her son and her husband to be the female energy part of her support system that day (she has a pack of women, each bringing their own energy, that she has named something I can’t remember but which means support – don’t you just love that?). (3) Art sales have dropped as gas prices have gone up, and I am dealing with simultaneously acknowledging and releasing my fear of scarcity when it comes to paying bills.

And, after all, isn’t this life?  For any of us?  Not just artists – and I’ll be the first to say that May was my best month ever (except for "spike" months of commissions which are manna from heaven).  My business is building steadily and I’m pleased with that.

So for now, I am not going to push myself either in the studio or business planning wise.  I am going to bask in trusting the process and follow my gut wherever it leads today.  I’ve already had a very successful meeting with a client (who comes in from my women’s network group, Women in Harmony) and we set up an appointment next week, where together we will design her logo for her new hairdressing business….she was looking for a sun and found it hanging on my front window!  after we had a long discussion about where to look for stamps that might fit her needs.  Which could be a way of saying that we are perfectly matched since she found just what she needed right here.

Synchronicity.  I will rest in synchronicity and talk once or twice a day with Linda and let the house thing move at its own pace since several more months of being in this house, the house I thought I’d live in forever, won’t hurt me.  Husband will be going on tour in July, we go on vacation in August (an unheard of and unprecedented two weeks – and all of that in one place) and then maybe back on tour for two months September – November….so driving to work will be somewhat mitigated.

The bottom line?  Let’s wait and see.

Thought for the day:  Bitch:  "This became a naughty word in Christian Europe because it was one of the most sacred titles of the Goddess, Artemis-Diana, leader of the Scythian alani or ‘hunting dogs.’  The Bitch-goddess of antiquity was known in all Indo-European cultures, beginning with the Great Bitch Sarama who led the Vedic dogs of death.  The Old English word for a hunting dog, bawd, also became a naughty work because it applied to the divine Huntress’s promiscuous priestesses as well as her dogs.

"Harlots and ‘bitches’ were identified in the ancient Roman cult of the Goddess Lupa, the Wolf Bitch, whose priestesses the lupae gave their name to prostitutes in general.  Earthly representatives of the Wolf Bitch ruled the Roman town of Ira Flavia in Spain, as a queen or series of queens named Lupa.

"In Christian terms, ‘son of a bitch’ was considered insulting not because it meant a dog, but because it meant a devil – that is, a spiritual son of the pagan Goddess."  Barbara G. Walker The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

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