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Neither Perfect Nor Imperfect

Neither Perfect Nor Imperfect

Tammy November 24, 2012 3 comments

Studio floor after clean up. Before is in yesterday’s post. The black ball is for the local thrift pantry.

In a discussion on Patty Digh’s 137 Days Project I was talking about accepting imperfection.  One of the other folks noted that she isn’t sure there is any such thing as imperfection.

And damn!  A whole new world opened up for me!

Imperfection, just like perfection, is a judgement.

If there is no perfection there can be no opposite, no imperfection.

Both are just steps along a continuum.

How cool is that?!

And THAT is why it is good to participate in community.  Because little side discussions can just wake you right up!


You will remember that yesterdayI started cleaning and organizing my bead/sewing room.  And I got half way there.  (The continuum – *everything* is a continuum….that is just so cool!)  And today I kept at it:  I dove into the closet and when I finished that I took on the

Closet before.

bookcase and shelves and shelves of photos albums.

And my room has never been so organized!

I can even close the closet door.  How’s that for well done?! (I have a picture but I’m having technical difficulties at the end of this post so you’ll just have to imagine it).

Yes, there are still puddle of stuff.

Next to the sewing machine is a pile of “to be repaired” items that have been waiting for years to be repaired.  Now that my room is ordered, I can see them and they are next up.  And there’s the question of what to do with all my jewelry – how to present the different

Bookcase before

pieces so they can find their forever homes.

That’s for later.  After I get my website redone.  Oh yes, wait for it – same content, totally different look.  It seems to be that part of my path right now.  Get into everything and turn it inside out.  Feels GREAT!

I may even scratch out time to get in the photo drawer that has never been organized, into my parents’ pictures that aren’t organized and finally even into my digital photos that have about 10 years worth of pictures to process and organize.  Imagine getting through some of that and then starting the New Year with that accomplishment in hand.  I can get on that train!

Bookcase after. The bottom right section is reintegrated toys that have been living in our hall for way too long. And I actually have one shelf open! And all the photos organized by year and all the portrait photos integrated!

What are you doing that’s making you feel all jazzed and passionate and in the middle of YOUR Hell YES!!! life?



Closet final – including the drawers – everything in them is organized (full but organized)


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    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    November 24, 2012

    Neither perfect nor imperfect. I love that. And I would even suggest that saying they’re on a continuum would still be too absolute. It reminds me of what a therapist said to me many, many years ago. He was nailing me for black and white thinking. I indignantly replied, “I don’t do that! Things aren’t just black or white. There are lots of gray areas, too!” And then he laughed and kindly replied, “Yes, you recognize black, white, and gray. But to you, everything is either in or out of the category.” Um..yup. He got me. And so the continuum implies relative comparisons. Neither perfect or imperfect are absolutes. They just are. And now I’m going to take my imperfect tail off to my studio and create something. Because it’s 9pm and I don’t have my AEDM done for today yet. Oh noes!!

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    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    November 24, 2012

    Wow Tammy I am SO impressed! Not only have you done away with the whole concept of perfection/imperfection, but you’ve also managed to somehow create a whole new organized space for yourself. I gotta get me some of that!

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    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    November 25, 2012

    Oh, Tammy! You know how it does my little OCD heart good to see such wonders. 😉 Doesn’t it feel wonderful?! Looks great, lady!! 🙂

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