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My Favorite Posts from 2012

My Favorite Posts from 2012

Tammy December 19, 2012 0 comments

mm yes small red clay detail (1)I wish I had done this before this year.  I haven’t and I may yet go back and do more collections.  And you have to start somewhere so this year is as good as any!  Enjoy!

But….What if……?   January 24, 2012

What Makes You Remarkable? February 22, 2012

What Is It That You Year For?, March 21, 2012

Project vs Process – Do You Know the Difference?  [this is a cheat.  It’s from 2011 but is mentioned in an April 2012 post.  And since I’m the boss I can do this]

What Does Love Look Like?  May 1, 2012

Ways to Re-Vise June 29, 2012

Yes! Permission to Do What You Really Want to Do!  July 30 2012

11 Reasons to Go on Vacation August 22, 2012

Get Lost, October 11, 2012 (apparently I didn’t post anything in September.  Or it got lost in the theme changeover here.  Who knows?)

What We Love Saves Us October 30, 2012 (October made up for September – I actually had to be choosey – I wrote a lot of good stuff that month!)

How to Stop Running on Empty November 23, 2012

The Sacred Quest December 4, 2012 (yes, December isn’t over yet and I may still write that one post that blows all the others away.  Never fear, I can always come back and amend this.  But I like this one a lot and it completes this page’s cycle).

And here’s a moment to gaze into the future and wonder and be grateful.  I have been selected as a player in an on-line “reality” show, Prosperity’s Kitchen,  based in cooperation instead of competition (are you loving it already?!).  Not only can you follow along, but you can also join in.  Come along for the ride!

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