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Maybe Spring Has Finally Sprung

Maybe Spring Has Finally Sprung

Tammy April 14, 2016 1 comment
Spring 2016

Spring 2016

I just spent the last 45 minutes sitting in the sun reading on my back deck.  Long enough for the house shadow to overtake me.  Even in a hoodie it isn’t warm enough to stay in the shade yet.  On April 15 no less.  This year spring has been slow in waking.  The weather has been a changeable creature.  One day 70 degrees, the next a blizzard (literally), but only in mid-county, leaving behind 2 inches of snow while 20 minutes down the road all we had was rain (I got caught in the blizzard – road accidents.  I rolled into The Bead Boutique in Prince Frederick and had much more fun than I would have sitting in traffic).

The last time I remember sitting on the deck and reading like that, I wasn’t reading; I was writing in a journal – an entry that made it into my master’s thesis in 1995.  That long.

Pond. Fish! 4.16

Pond. Fish! 4.16

It is really quiet – no traffic noise from route 4 (could be the trees, newly leafing, are starting to muffle it already).  Every now and then the distant drone of a plane.  But mostly so quiet I could hear the feathers of the blue jays, cardinals and chickadees as they ate the suet slightly above and behind my head.  I haven’t quit feeding them yet.   Not seeing enough bugs out and about.  Which is why reading on the back deck is still a pleasure!

The pond is alive with tadpoles.  Six goldfish (2 black ones I have to really look for) survived the winter meaning we only lost one.  The dogwoods are in amazing bloom this year and what azaleas the deer didn’t eat are moving into their glory.

Just thought I’d drop in and share that with you.


Wylde Women’s Wisdom

I wish for you dreams. 
I wish that you acknowledge them. 
I wish that they manifest to you. 
I wish that you open the door to them.  
Tammy Vitale


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    April 15, 2016

    What a great post! We had warm weather yesterday (in the 60s mid-April!) with hardly any wind. Was like summer. But today the wind gales have returned and it’s too chilly to crack a window open–LOL! Northern springs are like that. LOVE the tadpoles breathing!! 🙂

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