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Let’s Face it: some days the well is dry

Let’s Face it: some days the well is dry

Tammy September 14, 2010 2 comments

Am getting ready for Artsfest at Annmarie Garden (Dowell Road, next to Solomons Island, MD – the southern most tip of Calvert County).  As you can see by this video, I am in the midst of it….

So this morning, rather than beat myself up because I can’t come up with a snazzy title and creative content that will send you running to sign up for all my great offerings (that would be Wylde Women’s Wisdom, Sell Your Art – Keep Your Soul  and my other fun resources), I’m going to take a page from my own recommendations about how you treat your beloved (that would be you in addition to all those other souls you love and care for) and slide easily into gathering everything else I need to load in my truck for the show.

Having been at this blogging thing for years now, however, I don’t need to leave you hanging until Thursday (or next Tuesday) for sparkling new content.  I can instead share this video of  The Making of Chesapeake my public art piece in North Beach, MD.  It’s one of my personal favorites, measures 7.5 ft x 11 ft in size, and took 3 months and 900 lbs of clay to make (not to mention two blown shoulder rotor cuffs and a year of physical therapy – but it was worth it!).  Enjoy!

Wylde Women’s Wisdom:

There are two ways of meeting difficulties.  You alter the difficulties or you alter yourself to meet them.  Phyllis Bottome

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    September 15, 2010

    What a fabulous project that was! I can understand why you had shoulder injuries after that….clay is heavy! I really enjoyed the video.


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