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Joy, Hope and All Good Dreams

Joy, Hope and All Good Dreams

Tammy June 5, 2007 1 comment

Uf_billie_bob_and_jo Ugly Fish:  Billie, Bob and Jo, top to bottom, ceramic wall sculpture by Tammy Vitale

Correction to yesterday’s post.  That owl with the big black eyes is a Barred Owl not a Barn Owl.  A Barn Owl is white and looks quite different.  Too bad spell check doesn’t note these things – things being brain glitch or something between brain and fingers and I sure didn’t see it.  And I want all of you to know your owls.  So:  Barred not Barn owl.

Ugly Fish – Billie, Bob and Jo here are on their way to River View Gallery in Havre de Grace.  Having a nice little run of sales there from their First Friday.  Moving out of The Gallery at Friday’s Creek because they have received word that they can no longer list themselves as a gallery.  They will continue to have art on the walls, for sale, to brighten up the space for folks who want to sit around and taste wine; however, my experience with wine tastings is belly up to the bar, drink the wine, buy the wine and move on.  Or worse yet, run in and run right back out because you already know what you want.  And they want to start scheduling artists to gallery sit on weekends again.  And I simply don’t have the time.  Such is art.  Some places are good while they last, and this place has done okay by me.

As a result of ArtOMatic, I joined the Washington Sculptors Group thinking more along the line of information gathering than anything else.  My experience with metro DC groups is that metro DC is defined as DC proper and maybe Montgomery County.  Imagine my surprise and total delight when I get my first newsletter and find they’re having their annual pot-luck picnic down in my neck of the woods!  It’s on a grandson Sunday but I’m going to go anyways.  Network, network, network.  I’ll see grandson in the a.m. and he’s here to play with Poppy anyways.  Nana is always a good second in a pinch…rather, her computer is.  So I’ll whip up some potato salad (my Momma’s recipe) and trot off even further south than I already am.  Beautiful drive too.  How psyched am I about this?

And sales from ArtOMatic have just paid for  my purchase of Subway Stories by Leah Piken.  This is the artwork she uses to head up her blog and I’ve had my eye on it for a very long time.  Thank you ArtOMatic and part-time job!

I will add this to the lovely print,  Ole’ Blue Eyes,  I recently purchased from Ascender.  Who says blogs don’t sell art?!

Update on son:  seems to be doing well.  Seems to want to make it right this time and the half-way house seems to be giving him that opportunity.  One day at a time and lots of hope (always).

thought for the day:  If you could have anything at all, what would it be?  What is the most enjoyable dream you have ever had?  Where do your beliefs reflect your dreams?  What can you do to expand your dreams?  What is your greatest advantage in life?  If you knew for certain that you could have all you desire, what is the first thing you would do?  What would your idea life look like?  What would you need to really believe in to live the life of your dreams now?  What has to happen for you to expand yourself beyond what you think is currently possible?  If the range of possibilities for you is limitless, then what is attainable for you in your lifetime?  When you believe that you can’t have what you want, what do you know about yourself?  When you believe that you can’t have what you want, how do you feel about yourself?  What would it take for you to use your mind, imagination and emotions to create heaven on earth?  We are the opening verse of the opening page of the chapter of endless possibilities. (Rudyard Kipling).    Ken D. Foster, Ask and you will Succeed:  1001 Ordinary Questions to Create Extraordinary Results

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    Love your fish and the Kipling quote. Glad to hear your son is doing well…

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