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And, Introducing: Fortune Cookie Quotes

And, Introducing: Fortune Cookie Quotes

Tammy March 14, 2013 0 comments


picture of snake emerging from fortune cookie with words transform, transmute

2013 is the Year of the Water Snake – a very feminine power symbol – break open, step into your power and follow your heart

I’ve been a bit of a busy bee, some of it required by my previous participation in the Prosperity’s Kitchen on-line collaborative competition, some of it serendipity by-products of doing a lot of work right now on me (oh, let’s face it, I’m always in the middle of some sort of skin-shedding, cocoon-breaking transformation – aren’t we all! – the current transformation having to do with that phrase “previous participation” before “Prosperity’s Kitchen” in the opening sentence).

So today I’m taking a minute not only to share the Fortune Cookie quotes (and listen here, I slaved over the technology for this, enlisted the help of the amazing Colleen Conger for the final bit, and generally spent a bunch of time thinking this up and getting it in a format that’s shareable – so SHARE!), but also to invite you to celebrate with me the fact that somehow I managed to pull them off.

Picture of the Celebration Crew with candle for Fortune Cookie quotes

Celebrating the creation of Fortune Cookie quotes!

Drum roll!



And yes – light a candle, make a wish, say “YOU GO WOMAN” and blow it out. (That last is required for a really true celebration, and preferably it is accompanied by your celebratory traveling companions.  You do have some – because you do celebrate your accomplishments all the time, right?  Right?)

The Fortune Cookie quotes came from an idea presented in a recent post, Your Story Is Not in the Book – A Modern Fairytale.  And reiterated in a new level for working with me, Do You Need This?, a great little kick-start program for folks who don’t need and aren’t ready to sign their life away to get a taste of mentoring.  Sometimes all we need is some active listening and a mirroring back to get our feet back on the path.

Every time you refresh the Fortune Cookie quotes page you get a new fortune.  Because at any moment you can make a new choice, tell yourself a new story, be awed by sunrises or shooting stars, and change the trajectory of your whole life.

It’s so simple it’s scary – that would be the change your life thing, not the Fortune Cookie quote thing. Getting that up and running was anything but simple.

While you’re about changing your life, perhaps you’d be interested in hearing my take on the audacity of believing that one person can change the world.  You can get that here, in a chat between me and Kathryn Yarborough of Flowing with Change, one of my favorite heart-based entrepreneurs.

Also, please note that I am now publishing a newsletter – you can sign up for it in the upper right corner.

Why would you do that?  Because

  • I will share Fortune Cookie Picture quotes with you in it (there are only 5 of them on the Fortune Cookie quotes page because they are hard, time consuming and have to be individually, html coded to get them to sit right on the page).
  • it will only be published twice monthly (I say with great hope and anticipation)
  • it will be a place for me to share what YOU’re up too – yes, I’m hoping to provide a platform for what my readers are up to – first come first serve and yes you have to be a subscriber if you want a mention!  Otherwise how will you share?!  So sign up and leave me a comment below with your website/way to get hold of you. (Ha – how’s that for enticement:  you get to promote your website here by invitation).

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