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Good Coaching Isn’t Magic – Even Though It Feels That Way

Good Coaching Isn’t Magic – Even Though It Feels That Way

Tammy December 18, 2012 0 comments
Yes !

Yes !

The basic foundation of good coaching is asking open-ended questions from the very start:

1.  What are your top 3 goals for (whatever time you’re looking at working together)

2.  What are the challenges you are encountering for those goals?

3.  Do you have a supportive community?

4.  What is your daily practice?

Three and four are the actual focus of my own coaching because your goals will keep changing as will your obstacles.  If you have a supportive community and a daily practice, and understand that those too may need to change over time, you’ve got the tools for on-going movement.

With the written answers to those inquiries, I, as your coach, have a place to start.  Then I just follow your lead.

Your lead is the answer to my questions based on the answers to the above.  Good coaches have exceptional listening skills – skills like clarifying, restating, and lots of empathy.  That last – empathy?  That means your coach needs to be a bit ahead of wherever you are in your life and business, that she has some shared experiences.

Those shared experiences will trigger experiential information though language.  The magic is that the language we choose reveals our needs.

I create safe spaces for women to encounter their own stories, make conscious choices and look at daily practices and community.

I create safe spaces because when I needed a safe space to work through my own challenges, I couldn’t find one anywhere.  I listen to your story and we can look at the threads and whether or not they are pieces of the story you wish to drop or enhance and then watch together to see what changes that brings.  I recommend daily practice because each experience you encounter changes you and you have to have a way to integrate that into your life regularly, or change accumulates and you have a crash through instead of a gentle flowing.  Community is your support system.  If you don’t have at least one supportive person in your life to help you keep on keeping on, “hard” will surface more than “joy.”  I much prefer joy.  How about you?

What you may realize as you read this is that not everyone feels the same needs.  Weight coach?  Not me. Looking for someone who completely understands the stepping stones of solopreneural and small for- and non-profit work?  ME ME ME.

In other words, one size doesn’t fit all.  It never has and never will.

In the safe space of coaching, speaking out loud what you dream of and wish for is even more focusing than writing down.  Having someone mirror that back to you in different words so you can see and hear what you are saying is even more powerful and clarifying.  In a community of 2 (and that is a community) a third thing is created – something neither could have produced on their own.  So procrastination becomes, instead, overwhelm,  or it really is procrastination (a decision in disguise) and actual work can begin.

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Questions?  Email me:  info@TammyVitale.com!

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