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Getting to “HOW”

Getting to “HOW”

Tammy February 4, 2015 0 comments
transition to transformation

transition to transformation

My experience is that all the well-known coaches out there say:  know your what and your why, and the the clarity of how will take care of itself.

Every single one of them.

Well, in the past, my how has never taken care of itself.  I have never been able to figure out how it is that I can follow my passion and have a roof over my head and food to eat.  Because it has always seemed like one or the other, and a struggle.  A real hard struggle.  Which led to beating my Self up because I wasn’t getting the HOW even though I pretty much had the what and the why all sewn up.

What’s up with that? And am I the only one? (No, because if I’m asking this question, I know that others are too).

A couple of things are up with that:

1.  The what and the why have a tendency to change as you grow.

2.  If the how is to take care of itself, it has to be something that transcends the what and the why – a base foundation if you will.

3.  At least that’s what I’m saying here because it works well with my thesis.  This is a working thesis – please feel free to poke holes in it and I will go back to the drawing board and invite you over to brainstorm with me.

Before get back to the how, let me back up and make sure we are on the same definition of the what and the why.

What:  Clarity  about what it is you really want.  How do you get to clarity?  Ah – see?  “How” comes up immediately.

Why:  when you speak of why you are doing what you’re doing the word “passion” should come up.  Frequently.  And it should have a “hell YES!!”-I’m-doing-this-because-I can’t-not quality to it.  If it doesn’t then you still have some work to do on the what.

Now to the how.

I don’t know that I’ve read this anywhere before because, as I said, everyone in the great out there is suggesting that the how just works out.  Just like that.  No effort.  It just lays itself down in front of you and pants to put that million dollars right into your bank account  and/or deliver the perfect partner to your front door (if you don’t already have one of course).

It’s like each of those coaches is keeping the one final really important ingredient from the mix….just so you don’t catch up with them. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of paranoia.


Sunsets Happen by Tammy Vitale

So, you know what?  I think they have it backwards.

I think if you know the how,  then the what and the why do indeed lay themselves down in front of you panting to deliver the world to your door.

Here’s what the how  is:  a daily practice that takes you into your core self where you have every thing you need, and a community (even if it’s only one other person) to believe in and support you on days when you’re having a hard time doing that.

I can hear it now:  all those smacked foreheads.  Been there: ” What?  Yet another “practice” to put on my todo list?  When am I supposed to sleep?”

Secret:  If you do a daily practice, time opens up.  How?  Because you more easily see the next step that needs doing and three others you were thinking about simply fall away.  They have no heat, no passion and moving from a daily practice of focus shows that up quicker than “snap.”

So I’m going to suggest that in addition to, and maybe even before, you figure out what/clarity and why/passion you seek out how/daily practice and supportive community.


Grand Tetons by Tammy Vitale

Daily practice hooks you into your subconscious where all magic lives.  It opens you to see and hear and find things that you might have ignored before.  It’s like the Wizard of  Oz folks:  in the end they discovered that what they thought they needed, they had all along.  You already have the Ruby Slippers – but you can’t use them until you can see their power.

I think this deserves more discussion – do you have a daily practice?  A supportive community?  I’d love to hear about it – or about your questions/concerns/obstacles to setting those two things up in your daily life.

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Next up we’ll talk about “daily practice”

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(This blog is adopted from a blog I posted here Dec. 6, 2012).


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