Fortune Cookies

Not so much fortune as gentle guidance.  Sort of like a kind and loving Guide handing me an important ball
I’d dropped and softly asking, “Have you forgotten this?”    
Nancy Karon Tripp

Sometimes we want or pray for what we genuinely are ready for,
but it comes in a package we were not expecting,
so we disregard it and miss the prince
hiding in the frog. More often, we pray for what
we are actually not ready for, so we miss what we actually need,
the necessary steps or lessons that will take us
to what we want.
— Sera Beak

Each time you refresh the page, you get a new “fortune” (above)


In case you missed the story behind the Fortune Cookies, you can catch up here.


or you can play with the ones below – whichever tickles your fancy for today!

  • pick a “Fortune Cookie” (Okay – the SlideRocket boxes below are “fortune cookies” – us your fine imagination!)
  •  hit the start button
  •  receive your fortune.
  • Bonus – “Fortune Cookies” contain two messages meant especially for you at this moment in time.