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Enter the Wylde Woman

Enter the Wylde Woman

Tammy May 27, 2010 1 comment

Creation, 16 x 20 water color on paper, by Tammy Vitale $197


Does the title mean you are being invited to enter the Wylde Woman (who is, of course, your own self).

Or does it mean that the Wylde Woman is entering.

Or does it mean both.

And how the hell are you to tell what it means.

 Is it a sign or a coincidence or synchronicity or all or none?  Make you feel like you’re back in grade school with a pop quiz?

Some weeks are like that.  And it is always good to check the cycle of the moon when paradox starts keeping you company.  I forgot to check the Moon until I was walking my pugs night before last and saw Her rounding over the top of the tree.  “Ah,” I thought.  “So that’s what all this is about.”

Energy.  Water.  Tides running 40 or 50 ft in and out like they do up in Maine.  It seems this week that being in Maryland doesn’t mean my energy is acting like it’s in Maryland and not Maine!

It’s about feeling restless, and angry that things won’t just hold still for at least a minute of rest, and new things dropping in and beckoning, and old things dropping out and leaving you wondering if you made the right decision. 

 It’s about almost but not quite being able to write it down or say it out loud.  It’s about needing to do something about what’s in front of you but not  knowing the first step.

It’s about long chats with your partner and your close friend – the one not like you but grounding, the other very like you and able to reflect and clarify through thoughtful, laser accurate questions.

A great week, by the way, to birth Wylde Women’s Wisdom: daily quotes especially for those of you who find life a bit mysterious, who like to take the path less trod or create a new one, who are the artist figuring out not only a way to live in the world but also a way to live with the energy that unceasingly knocks at the door asking for a conduit into being. (free.  My gift to you because you are a member of my community.  I want you to hang out and think through these questions with me.)

Sorry – no 5 steps to the perfect life or 10 answers to your burning questions.  Today we’re just going to have to sit with the mystery and learn to love it.

How’s your week been?

Wylde Women’s Wisdom:

If you knew your potential, you would laugh at your efforts to fit into smaller molds.  Haven’t you heard a song or read a line and immediately identified with the artist?  Or haven’t you thought to yourself, ‘this is just what I’ve been waing for?’  Absolute genius requires absolute heart.  Tama Kieves

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    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    May 29, 2010

    Birthing is both exhilarating and painful/scary. That’s what Ive been in touch with the last coupla days. Im much more interested in the birthing through than focusing on the stuff I am leaving behind. This is new for me. Im much more accustomed to grieving and mourning and focusing on abandonment. But this time I want to not abandon me.

    Thanks for asking.

    BTW,I’d love to hang out with you and ask the hard questions and birth out the answers.


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