As I do artist interviews during ArtOMatic 2012, I will be adding them here so that they can be found conveniently in one place.  I will also add in interviews from previous years.  While it is hardly a complete record, it IS fun to go back and read them all!

Photos can be found in my Facebook Albums, linked here.  It takes a ton of time to prepare, upload and label photos, so gathering them in one space that can be added to is the easiest and best way I have found to share them.

You should make it a point to talk with artists as you view the exhibits at ArtOMatic.  If You Don’t Ask, You’ll Never Know!  If you don’t know how to approach an artist (not just at ArtOMatic, but at any art show), here are some suggestions (suggestions for artist here too!)

ArtOMatic 2012, Floor by Floor  photo album

Earlier ArtOMatic photos

Pinterest ArtOMatic Visual Artists Board

Pinterest ArtOMatic Photography Board


ArtOMatic 2012 Artist Interviews

Terry Sitz

Heather Bartlett, Body Politics (with whom I collaborate on this project)

Ed Palaszynski

Rahul Mukerji

Mary Del Bianco

David Hagen

Marcia Fry

Peter Wood

Laura Peery

Russ McIntosh

Michael Auger

Stana Benesova Kimball

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Booth

Joanna Knox Yoder

Claudine Intner

Ricardo (Ric) Garcia

Alex Bako

Mishka Jaeger

Rahul Saha

Rachel Cohen

Jennifer Droblyen

Evie Altman

Sean Hennessey

Aeren Waters

Bono Mitchell



ArtOMatic 2009 Artists Interviews

Kim Reyes

David Alfuth

Patricia Hartnett

Tracey Clarke

Bill Remington

Jane Broaddus

Krissy Downing

David Hagen

Sofya Mervis

Susan LaMont

John Grunwell

Body Politics:  Writing on the Wall


ArtOMatic 2008

VARC dinner and artists II

VARC dinner and artist presentations I

Bill Mould, D.E. Hulbert, Emily Chimiak

Izya Shlosberg

Jennifer Beinhacker

Brian Hamill  [disclosure:  I loved his work enough to buy a piece!]

Erin Antognoli

Claudia Olivos

Cynthia Rudzis

Ann Ruppert, Bono Mitchell, Michael Stebbins, Tom Cardarella

Kim Reyes [she’s an ongoing favorite of mine every since my very first ArtOMatic, 2002]