Living a Hell Yes!!! Life!

Through creative exploration workshops and one-on-one coaching I help women dream doodle, and draw their dreams and businesses into reality.  We explore collage, masks and art journaling.  We make jewelry as wearable talismen. We practice saying what we really really want out loud so that out in the world we can say it to our friends and to our family. But most of all, so we can say it, with absolute conviction, to ourself.

Some Inspiration to light your path

The Spiral Path – A Video by Tammy Vitale

What would YOU die for?  Tammy Vitale

The Power of Stories Tammy Vitale

Books, Books, Books:

looking for a good read?  My hand-chosen list of Wylde Women’s Wisdom (non-fiction), Wylde Fiction, Wylde Poetry and Wylde Creativity (self care, thoughtful – sometimes a bit heavy – consciousness reading, on writing, the books I use when I’m creating marketing and business courses, etc – it’s all there).  NEVER get caught without a book by your side!



My Titles coming soon in PDF format to my “Products” pages:

Night Vision

Index to Transformation

Mindful Evolution

Workshops in a Book

Coming soon to my “Products” pages:

How to Make a Spirit Doll

How to Make a Wire and Resin Talisman Necklace

How to Make a Goddess Torso for your Sacred Space (experienced clay workers only)