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Courage to Change

Courage to Change

Tammy January 5, 2016 1 comment
Discoverature - an original ceramic tile by Tammy Vitale

Discoverature – an original ceramic tile by Tammy Vitale. What masks are you wearing? Who are they for? What stories are they telling/hiding?

This is from “Life Is a Verb” by Patti Digh, my 2nd copy, since my first copy has not returned from whence I lent it many years ago.  No, I don’t remember who that was.

The great thing is that I get to go through and underline whatever is pertinent to me NOW as opposed to reading what was pertinent to me to underline back then (whenever that was – several changes ago I am quite sure).

I chose this because my word for the year is courage and because I can “verb out” the first letter to “change” – which I just now noticed.  In the original version I only listed “create” – which is the thing about words for the year and verbing them out…you simply dive deeper and deeper into the possibilities of your word for the year (if you do not understand “verbing out”, go here to the post where I explain that, and here for an explanation of word(s) for the year.)

Here you go:

Why do I step back from participating in my own life?  To whom am I giving over the power about my own life?  Why am I waiting for permission?  Why am I letting other people measure my worth in cubicle wall height? [reference to the story this comes with – buy the book, you won’t be sorry].  What story am I telling myself about myself?  What stories do They tell about me that I’ve started believeing?  What does it mean to be in the shadow of Their story about me?….

Find the change you can make and make it.  You’ll be funding your own revolution.

Wylde Women’s Wisdom

Check out “Your Story Is Not in the Book”



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    Smiling because you have your book back in your hands and the new one is going to be more current for you. 🙂

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