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ArtOMatic – Blasts from the Past

ArtOMatic – Blasts from the Past

Tammy November 18, 2015 1 comment

Before I dive into more this year’s ArtOMatic artists, I want to salute artists I missed because I was used to seeing them in years past.

Michael Auger:  Interview and art from ArtOMatic 2012,  Google shows an interview by me from 2007 but it won’t come up and I can’t find it in my posts – let’s face it, that was 3 websites and a platform change ago.  Some things go away.

Tom Cardarella, Pelican Arts Studios – he didn’t always show, but he was always there helping.  My 2007 interview with him.  His page from ArtOMatic 2012.  And again in my  collage of artists from 2008.

Kim Reyes – her work changed over the years but I loved it from the very first time I saw it (and have printed photos of it because that was before blogs and such – 2002 – jewelry as art wish I knew where that picture is now!).  2009 my Artist Interview with her.  2008 ArtOMatic – probably one of my favorite pieces of hers is “Self Discovery” and it influenced my own “Hope Is the Thing with Feathers. 2007 ArtOMatic.

Krissy Downing – another always favorite of mine.  here is a googled collection of her art.  My 2009 Interview with her. My 2007 Interview with her.

and me – I miss participating but since art is more for me these days than for sales, I would have skipped it even had I known about it in time to think about signing up.  Here is some of my art from past ArtOMatics:

2008 – my art

AOM full wall from right

2009 – my art

tamy Vitale hanging ArtOMatic 2009

Tammy Vitale hanging ArtOMatic 2009

My joint installation in 2009 with Heather (then Bartlett) Brooks:  Body Politics.  Yes I had two spots that year!

2012 We did Body Politics again and a picture was picked up by online Washington Post – you should read the article too.  The Washington Post art critics never had anything nice to say about ArtOMatic.  Guess it wasn’t exclusive or posh enough for them.  Here’s an interview with Heather about Body Politics, which she pretty much took up on her own for 2012, using some of my work.

My own wall in 2012

Tammy Vitale ArtOMatic 2012

Tammy Vitale ArtOMatic 2012

Actually, I think the above are 2008 and 2009 but am totally confused now and am not going back and doing the research again.  I can’t find my last wall, which I believe was 2012, unless I have it in my own stash of photos.  Okay – don’t see anything there either.  I give up.

Anyways – enjoy these ArtOMatics past.



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    Whichever years they are–kudos!
    You were looking good, too, lady!

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