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Artomatic 2012 – Opening Night and more

Artomatic 2012 – Opening Night and more

Tammy May 19, 2012 1 comment


ArtOMatic 2012 Crystal City Opening Night line at 9:30 pm (in other words it was still really early)

Sharing a ton of pictures from ArtOMatic 2012 (and believe me when I say I will be adding many, many more as I haven’t even begun to make it through all the fllors) over on my FaceBook album page. Also some from previous ArtOMatics for the curious.

And here are some of the news clips that are already out:

Huffington Post

Daily Koz

I anticipate more shortly, as there was a lot of press last night at opening, so stay tuned!

Detail of my 2nd floor wall space (in the open area on the backside of the building)

ArtOMatic has really taken on a cult following!  It is THE place to see and be seen.  I hear the numbers before 10pm (when the party really gets going) were around 3000.  Not too shabby for an all volunteer art venue!

My space is on the 2nd floor….you don’t have to fight with the elevators but can take a leisurely stroll up the steps.  In fact if you use the steps one floor at a time, by the time you are exhausted all you have to do is walk down.  Avoid the elevators if possible.  Why not make it easy on yourself?!

Here are some of my offerings for this ArtOMatic.

"Seasons" 4' tall sculptural assemblages $350 each or all 4 for $1k. One of a kind of course!


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    May 20, 2012

    Sounds like it is a real hit! I’ll be waiting to see all the pictures. You displays look wonderful–colorful and inviting! 🙂

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