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ArtOMatic 2009 Artist Interview: Krissy Downing

ArtOMatic 2009 Artist Interview: Krissy Downing

Tammy June 10, 2009 2 comments

Aom09.9 Krissy Downing full wall Full wall, Krissy Downing, ArtOMatic 09.

My favorite is the middle picture titled Child in Brannches.  In the ArtOMatic Artists' Catalog, Krissy writes about the other two pictures, but none on this which catches me wanting to know more about the pensive nature of the subject and why s/he is in the branches in the first place.

On the left is Sneakers and the "description:" "How the heck does he get all those laces tied?!!?

and on the right is Sushi Dude with the "description:"  "mmmmmm…Delicious Suuuuushi."

Krissy names her art:  Whimsical Surrealist Oil Paintings.

This is not the first year I have been drawn to her whimsy.  In fact, I have multiple pictures of previous years which come on my computer screen when it is resting.  And so they are in a file somewhere but no where that I can find to pull down, so we'll just have to go with this one from this year….See, I knew I had previous pictures and so I just took the one this year and was going to share previous years because, seeing them *every* *single* *day* on my computer, I know that I have them.  How was I to know (computer illiterate that I am) that I would not be able to find them?  (very.big.sigh).

Krissy's art always makes me smile.  And I love the close-in/close-up nature that makes it very hard to ignore.  So without further ado, here's Krissy!

How many ArtOMatics have you done, and if more than 1, what keeps you coming back?

           2009 is my 3rd year (in a row) participating. I enjoy being a part of this
 enormous movement that presents so much beauty and LIFE to the masses. I
 love the fact that ArtOMatic follows no application or jury process, and I
 think it's wonderful that anyone and everyone is welcome to express himself
 and to share his creative passion with the public at large. The experience
 is so enriching to me both as an artist and as a member of the arts
 Where can one find you this year?
          This year, my work is located on a core wall in area 5 (in the quadrant of
 the building that's closest to the Capitol) on the 9th floor.
 How did you choose what to show at ArtOMatic?
          My approach for 2009 was vastly different. For the past two ArtOMatics, I
 presented pieces that were already at least a couple of years old. I'd been
 suffering a lengthy "artist's block" (spanning several years) and during
 this time, I'd occasionally talk myself into re-stocking my supplies here
 and there, pick up some new brushes, etc. only to then sit and stare at a
 blank canvas and paint nothing.
          I still had nothing to show when I registered for ArtOMatic 2009. I thought
 "This will get my butt in gear to paint something!" My approach was to stay
 calm & just try to remain positive. (It's tough for me to admit it, but my
 2008 experience, I had a pretty bad attitude… I was disappointed in myself
 that I ended up hanging two of the same pieces I'd hung in 2007). But that's
 all in the past now! 🙂
           For 2009 I vowed "I will paint something new!" I learned that my biggest
 stumbling block has been my internal censor that makes me scrap any idea
 before it even has a chance to "bloom", so I gave myself this rule:
 "Whatever I start painting, I will finish painting." I absolutely HAD to
 stick to this rule, because oil paint takes at least two weeks to dry and I
 only had a few weeks to come up with something to hang – no time to scrap
 anything. I painted all three of my 4-foot paintings simultaneously over
 the span of TEN DAYS in the middle of May!!! I've always been told I'm an
 "all or nothing" kind o' gal. 🙂
 Who are your favorite artists and what inspiration do you draw from them?
          To be honest my favorite artists are children in general. I admire their
 ability to just let their imagination flow without thinking "…what will
 so-and-so think of this?" "…should it be more like this?" "…less like
 that?" Children create what their brains and hearts want to create, and they
 do it without hesitation and without self-doubt.
 Have you had a chance to look around ArtOMatic yet this year? Do you have any instant favorites? any returning favorites?
          My instant favorite leaped out at me while I was on a volunteer shift during
 installation. Ben Tolman had his space all set up on the second Aom09 bentolman full. early up floor (I
 guess within the first couple days of installation). [ed note:  I like Ben Tolman too so I have this picture I took of his site to share] I made myself  comfortable and really examined the beauty in his work (this was before I'd  even begun coming up w/ the ideas for the 3 paintings I'd paint for the  show). His style is quite different from mine but I was inspired by his  knack for "capturing" his audience and I took some cues there.
          Other favorites have remained Dana Ellen's tongue-in-cheek mockery of
 religion, and Angela Kleis' terrific eye for subtle dramatic effect & humor
 in photography.
 Anything else you'd like to add about yourself, your work, art in general?
          In general, I most enjoy creating a surreal world of beings and objects that
 don't already exist in our waking life. I've always thought to myself "Why
 paint still-life/figure studies/landscapes (unless they're just an
 exercise)? Why depict things that already exist, that we know we can touch?
Why not depict things that don't already exist, but try to make them
           I like to draw from what's familiar and exaggerate it, make the subtle
 things a little more "in your face" and invent new perspectives and ideas
 based on the often silly and downright absurd figments of my own
 Where else can we see your work?

           I will have original artwork, prints and books available at the ArtOMatic
 Artists' Marketplace on Sunday, June 28th, from noon to 7:00 p.m. 

thought for the day:  Paint as you like and die happy.  Henry Miller.




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    Good interview. Nice to hear Krissy's thoughts!

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