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AEDM30: A Suitable Eclectic End

AEDM30: A Suitable Eclectic End

Tammy November 30, 2013 2 comments

vanity top grouted and mirror stand painted and attachedHere we are at the end of Art Every Day Month.  I’ve done all but 2 days (I think) – not bad given I am still getting into the rhythm of my part-time job.

What I’ve learned is that I can work hard at my part-time job and then leave it and have play time to work hard at my art or whatever else it is I’m focusing on (including reading – I’m finally getting through a few books I’ve been wanting to read).

close up of grout, and the formerly pink tile (to the right of the raspberry tile)

pre-grout when the tiles were still pink

vanity grout close up and formerly pink tile

vanity grout close up and also the formerly pink tile

Today I worked on granddaughter’s vanity: grouted in black.  Anyone who has ever grouted in black knows it is messy and labor intensive compared to lighter grout.  But it always looks great and this was no exception.  Of course I forgot to seal the 3 pink matt glaze tiles so they are all now black, but I have a thought in mind to make it look as if that was always my intent (and they won’t be black).  We’ll see how that works out!  I also primed and started to paint the mirror cradle, and got it attached to the back of the vanity.  Moving right along!  I guess I”ll have to post the finished project here when it’s done – I’m hoping to get back to posting at least once a week now that I’ve had my AEDM recharge.  We are closing on daughter’s house Monday, and I want this in there when they move in – sometime prior to Christmas.

My other project today was cleaning my bead studio which was mayhem.

I had an ulterior motive:  I need space to play with fusing silver, soldering silver and playing with muddling metal (all of which I learned earlier this month and reported on here and here and here).

So I started out with mayhem and chaos (note it is well light outside)

desk mess - note even the chair seat has something on it

desk mess – note even the chair seat has something on it


this is left over material and supplies from covering chairs this summer - had to find a place for it.

this is left over material and supplies from covering chairs this summer – had to find a place for it.

bead room bead table mess

a better view of the bead table prior to cleaning


and finished with a really nice space and everything actually put away, not thrown here and there.  I had to bring up yet another little chest but now I have a place for all the pieces of fusing/soldering and muddling which is good because I wandered up to the Bead Boutique and bought myself a round of supplies as needed to play with all that.  An early solstice gift to myself.

bead room floor by bookcase clean bead room bead table clean


In between I kept the fire in the wood stove going because it’s cold out, and cooked myself lunch and dinner from scratch. I also sorted through holiday gifts to get ready to send some out and to track where I am with my Angels – I am still waiting for some of those to come in, but everything else is in good order.  Which wasn’t that hard this year because, as I told son:  big people got new houses this year.  He agreed that wasn’t a bad deal (as he installs his hot tub on his lanai).

A well-rounded day.

Not bad for the last day of AEDM!

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    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    December 1, 2013

    Doesn’t it feel good to get organized? I had to laugh reading this post as I too was on the band wagon with AEDM and actually managed to post every day! Then last evening, after I finished my (hopefully) last Christmas craft project, I drug the sweeper into my studio and gave it a good clean up! It always makes me feel like getting into another painting or collage when I have a clean studio! Stay in touch, Tammy!

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    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    December 2, 2013

    What a great way to end AEDM. And your work table took a very dramatic turn for the better, too. I’m really impressed. I always like seeing an organized studio. And speaking of tables, well, actually vanities, this one you are making over for your granddaughter is going to be perfect, even if you need to do a bit of rework.

    BTW, I enjoyed my visits here over this month.

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