AEDM 25:  Convert

AEDM 25: Convert

The poem is one that has been around a long while.  In the mid-to-late 90s, I wrote a lot, and a lot of what I wrote was poetry.  Today I pair an old poem with a new collage for Art Every Day Month.  Enjoy!

by Tammy Vitale

"Convert" - collage in altered book by Tammy Vitale for AEDM 25, 2013

“Convert” – collage in altered book by Tammy Vitale for AEDM 25, 2013

Once her prayers beat the sky

with the fear of a caged bird

cold beads slipping through fingers

like memories.  She has forgotten

why the woman in blue

is forever stepping on the snake.


Instead she thinks of the green serpents

seen unexpectedly the year she thought

of drowning, how water enfolds and covers


but the serpents sang to her

of the secrets of dry grass

the diligence of trees

and the warmth of small feathered things

with racing hearts

so she learned to love the land.



she places sweet milk

in the corners of her yellow kitchen

just in case

the serpents come ashore

makes nests of shredded paper

for broken birds with wounded wings

and scitters glass beads

one by one

across the worn and shiny floor

while she holds her prayers

in the palm of her hand

About Tammy Vitale

Tammy Vitale's life’s passion - to make a safe place for women to claim their Hell YES!!. Discover more about her and her passion. She's published Shift , a book of poetry; a short story in the anthology Fearless Voices: True Stories by Courageous Women and numerous poetry chapbooks.

You can follow her and Wylde Women's Wisdom on Facebook or connect on Google.


  1. Brilliant, Tammy – loved the poem and thought the collage was gorgeous.

  2. Hi Tammy, I am so drawn to these two works. Prayers like the wings of a frighten bird – so vivid aI can hear your soul in your words.

  3. Beautiful!

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