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You can contact me at:  info@TammyVitale.com

I work with folks who are

  • empty nesters,
  • creatives of any age,
  • confused about what’s next,
  • in transition and just want to sanely make it through the next hour, and
  • tired of all the gurus saying if know your what and why, how takes care of itself, and have found: well, no, not really.

I totally believe in possibilities.  I totally believe in living a Hell YES!! life – one where every morning finds you looking forward to what adventures are coming your way. (Let’s be real – who wants to live a Hell MAYBE!! life anyways?)

This is my life’s passion- to make a safe place for anyone
who wants to ditch the shit and move into Mindful Evolution.

For information: info@TammyVitale.com

How I help you help yourself:

  • By understanding that one size does not fit all, and honoring your unique self
  • By showing you how nothing in our life is ever wasted
  • Through retreats structured with work that feels like play – for you to take home as your “how” from here on out
  • Through workshops that are really mini retreats:  creative play that leads to insight, understanding and “how” to handle life with mindful evolution
  • One on one coaching, face to face, at retreats, locally or at your locale.  Your choice.

I also work with groups:

  • project teams
  • MasterMinds
  • Nonprofits
  • Small Businesses

Other Stuff You May Want to Know:

The creds:

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Trinity University, Washington D.C.
  •  Master’s degree in Story and Social Change, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT
  • 10 years experience as a professional artist in a solopreneur business,  Tammy Vitale Studios, and Wylde Women Gallery
  • 20 years’ experience working in communities identifying and training leaders, and
  • 25 years starting and running small for-profit and non-profit organizations.

The fun stuff:

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“I consider Tammy Vitale a mentor and a sort of medicine woman for the soul. Tammy helped me with the nuts and bolts of figuring out how to price my work,

Heather Brooks

where to sell it and what kind of measures I should take to improve myself as a business. So often I put off things that seemed like they could wait, but with her firm and practical approach to business, I have created a strategy that will help me realize my dreams of supporting myself as an artist. Already I have made big changes in my studio organization and most importantly, my record-keeping, which has always been poor in the past. She really inspires me with her gentle nudges and “do it now” approach. The moment I finish reading any of her advice, I feel like I must go out and do it and be my best. Her teaching, wisdom, business experience and advice make her an invaluable tool to me.” Heather Brooks

With your help I was able to recognize that I was in an abusive relationship.  I never knew this until you said, “no one has the right to hit another person, no matter what!  There are no easy hits, only hits that get harder and the abuse just escalates.”     Had we not collaberated, I probably would have been seriously injured by my ex-husband, I would still feel like I didn’t matter much  and I would never have had the courage to do and be the person I am today.  You helped me find my spiritual self and helped me see things I had never seen before .  Chanda Martin***

Small Group and Organizational Facilitating and Consulting

Group dynamics influence any joint work, and often an outside person is able to clearly see the places that are squeezing and the dynamics that are blocking moving forward in important work.  I facilitate work sessions to help you move your organization to effective and efficient use of your limited resources.


Our small group recognized the importance of having someone facilitate our actions so that we could accomplish our goals and you were the one we needed. The power of this small group was amazing because we were able to bring the issue to the attention of the elected officials, non-profit groups and social service groups as well as the students of St. Mary’s College. And for the first time, some of the residents affected by the lack of affordable, decent housing felt free to speak up and out.  They felt empowered and became active in bringing this issue to the attention of the general public, the news media and elected official.  With your help, those who  would have been forced out of their homes and forgotten acted on their own behalf and succeeded. Dudley Lindsley, Lexington Manor Survival Team


Clare Whitbeck, Voices for Quality Care

Tammy Vitale has years of experience facilitating meetings, and that experience shows!  When working with Voices for Quality Care recently, despite a near impasse around two o’clock, she moved the meeting forward to consensus, and a plan listing tasks to accomplish and target dates.  She brings abundant energy along with her experience and makes it all look easy.  Tammy will absolutely be able to help your organization move forward!  Clare Whitbeck, Voices for Quality Change