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8 Brags

8 Brags

Tammy April 3, 2013 0 comments

One of my favorite networking groups is the Southern Maryland Business Women, started by Erin Ross, a State Farm Agent, to create a place for fabulous women to gather (her words – and I doubt she fails at anything she sets her mind to).

When we gather we have three shares over the course of our several hours together:

  • our basic info (more often than not, an elevator speech practice)
  • a brag – which seems to be the hardest for all of us to do.
  • a dream big – where I’m getting comfortable saying I want to save the world, and the way the world is saved is by each and every woman stepping into her power (or, as I call it, her Hell YES!!)

I can never remember what I’ve accomplished in the previous month that I want to brag about because I haven’t been taking time to celebrate – something I go on and on and

Picture of the Celebration Crew with candle for Fortune Cookie quotes

Celebrating the BRAG

ON about in way more than one post in this blog.

So today, because I have been remiss, I am going to both brag and celebrate and invite you to join me and the traveling celebration crew (here on the right).

1.  I have, FINALLY, started my newsletter.  It went out this past Monday (and if it wasn’t in your inbox that’s because you have not subscribed.  You can remedy that by going to the “NEWSLETTER” box at the upper right of this page, under “Resources” on the browser bar, and subscribing).  This actually calls for way more than one candle since I’ve been puttering around with it for well over 2 years.  It is done.  My goal is to get it out twice monthly.  I want it to be a conversation – if you are subscribed and have something you’d like me to include, please let me know.

2.  I did a post with Dr. Carla Goddard of Shaman Medicine Woman called 7 Ways to Step Into Your Power (see the third bullet point above)

3.  I finished up a MasterMind session with client Tangerine Meg, who had this to say about the whole process:

I don’t know how you do it, Tammy, but I feel like a new me. Me, but better than before! 

When I enquired about working with Tammy, I had some mental and emotional blocks that were clouding my thought processes, even stopping me from doing things that I wanted to do. 

As I write this, it’s about 2 weeks after our second Mastermind session, and I am still being happily surprised every day at the shifts in so many areas that have quietly and thoroughly happened due to our work together; and I’ve only really scratched the surface of implementing Tammy’s suggestions! 

I feel like a happier more functional version of myself! Tammy you are wonderful. I am so grateful! I will not hesitate to call on you again when I need another road unblocked!

4.  Another MasterMind Group I brought together on a private FaceBook page had it’s first Skyped in phone meeting together and it went very nicely – I worried about being able to work with all of us on the phone (no video) but it worked out just fine.

5.  I am regularly using Skype:  Tangerine Meg is in Australia (where I also had to work out the time difference to work for both of us – that should probably be a separate brag given my lack of mathematical skills when it comes to figuring time zones.  And that includes switching to Daylight Savings Time here but not there for our 2nd session after I had the time all worked out), and the above MasterMind Group uses it too.

6.  I am working with two women that share both of my local networking groups – Southern Maryland Business Women and Women to Women with the Chamber of Commerce – and we are cooking up a 2014 Day Retreat for women with a full day of body/mind/spirit goodies.  I am SO loving this!

7.  I am working the my local Chamber of Commerce to put together a program for local non-profits to listen to their needs and see if we can get something moving there to help them.

8.  In amongst all this I am teaching folks how to let their creative sides out to play in the mud (clay) and with mosaics (which is amazingly popular!).

All in all good reasons to brag!

Who am I to play small?  

Who are any of us to play small?

The world needs us big and bold and beautiful and in all our glorious power – however we manifest that.

What are you celebrating today (do tell me in the comments below – I love to hear!  And if you want to share URLs or other ways for people to see more, please feel free!)


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