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4 and 20 Blackbirds

4 and 20 Blackbirds

Tammy June 10, 2010 3 comments

Raina Gentry: "Birth of the Moon" purchased at Jerome (AZ) Artist Cooperative Gallery (print)

No – I’m not talking about blackbirds and pies.

I’m talking about Raven energy.

Out trekking I saw lots of them.  Way more than 4 and 20.  And lots of art with them – which I did NOT react to like art with Blue Herons (they’re out in AZ and NM too – I saw one flying while I was driving).

I am suddenly drawn to Ravens – so much so I had to go look up the symbology.  Having done so, I can say, “Why, of course!” 

It is inventive intelligence, far sightedness and willingness to be creative that is the hallmark of Raven medicine. This is where Raven gathers the deep magic he brings to the earth.

Raven represents the Great Mystery of the Void. Black, to Native Americans, is a color of magical power, and only to be feared if misused. Raven symbolizes the void – the mystery of that which is not yet formed. Ravens are symbolic of the Black Hole in Space, which draws in all energy toward itself and releases it in new forms. The iridescent blue and green that can be seen in the glossy black feathers of the raven represents the constant change of forms and shapes that emerge from the vast blackness of the void. In Native American tradition, Raven is the guardian of both ceremonial magic and healing circles.

Raven’s element is air, and she is a messenger spirit, which Native American shamans use to project their magic over great distances.  (from Raven Clan – East Gate) [emphasis mine] While Raven energy has connotations of death and destruction (the Celtic single and triple goddess, The Morrigan), Raven, for me, takes on the aspects of Native American lore, as I am in America.

In his book Sedona:  Sacred Earth, Nicholas Mann notes:  Geomythics focuses on how the ideas, names, myths and stories of a place interact with the plae and so help determine its character.  The stories of the Peoples of a particular place describe its energies, determine how it is named and how it is perceived in the minds of future generations.  He says, “After all, exactly who consciousness, whose dream, whose unseen influence do we live in?”  (I LOVE where that questions takes me!).

Anyways, the point of sharing that is I was in Native American territory so it makes sense that the magic and dark hole creativity of Native American stories is the aspect of Raven energy that is now manifesting for me!

This is the energy of “the Lost and the Found,” described by Alice Hoffman in her book, Skylight Confessions as a study of those who managed to find a way out of the woods and of those who were never seen again, whether they’d been snagged on thornbushes or caught up in chains or stewed into a soup of flesh and bones.”

Have you been lost?  Are you in the process of finding yourself?  That is the call and the yearning, the intensity and the movement of the path of the Wylde Woman.

It is Raven energy from the Black Hole that feeds art, and change and self-empowerment (as if there were any other kind of empowerment). 

As I learn to weave my art and my coaching work together, it makes total sense that Raven should call to me now!

How about you?  What energy is calling you now?

Wylde Women’s Wisdom:

Every traveler needs a warm coat, walking shoes, a bottle of water, a watch that can be trusted, an honest woman, and a mirror that reflects back truthfully.  Alive Hoffman

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  • Joined:
    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    June 10, 2010

    Woodpecker and Hummingbird. See http://hopepeacechamber.com for a report on my sightings.
    Love your raven, and your trip!

  • Joined:
    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    June 11, 2010

    Definitely the Ravens for me as well. They are a recurring theme in my art always come back to them.
    And funny you titled this 4 and 20 blackbirds – I was noodling ideas for paintings and that title came up.
    Raven showed up for me, five years ago, in Yellowstone, at Artists Point, while on a week long painting trip. A huge turning point for me in regards to my art. Definitely a magical time for me.

  • Joined:
    2009-10-19 15:07:50
    June 13, 2010

    I am SO with you on this one. Amazing post! You know how I love crow/raven energy, Tammy. Any Vitale energy, too, of course!

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